About 123Triad

Starting small, 123triad gained a reputation for building websites that fulfilled clients’ creative and business needs. A dozen years young and 123Triad is still going strong – with a move to larger, permanent offices and a portfolio of satisfied clients that is growing to this day.

At 123Triad, we’re learning every day – what’s worked well for us in the past, what ideas we should have left on the drawing board, and what we know will work in the future. We’ve got a variety of exciting projects on the way, some involving website-to-device communication that we’re looking forward to working on; some making use of Flash-to-device communication (that’s controlling a webcam from within Flash) that should see us making innovative inroads in the design sphere.

But no matter what we’re working on, from the simplest of designs and technologies to the more advanced, we understand what it takes to make a website work. It’s about planning and brainstorming, hard work and creativity – all of which we apply to each of our projects. Take a look at our portfolio, and you’ll see what we mean.

Who can say what the future of the Internet holds? With technological advances being made almost every day, it’s virtually impossible to predict. One thing’s for sure though – the sky is definitely the limit when it comes to web design and development. And that’s what we’re aiming for at 123Triad.com – the ability to help our clients accomplish their goals and improve their business in the most creative way possible. The Internet is a powerful tool, and every time we tap into its potential, we’re learning new ways of making it work for you.

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