Air Inuit

The 1970′s marked a period of dramatic change for the people of Northern Quebec. With the Quebec government’s announcement of the massive James Bay development, the region’s Inuit leaders were confronted with the task of negotiating their people’s territorial rights. The Northern Quebec Inuit Association was established and a DeHavilland Beaver aircraft was purchased to transport negotiators and field workers to the region’s communities so that the issues surrounding negotiations could be effectively communicated. Air Inuit is wholly owned by the people of Nunavik. Self-sustaining without subsidies of any kind, our airline is committed to being responsive to the needs of Nunavik’s residents. Appropriately, decisions affecting air services and operations are not solely those of the executive committee.

Their Board of Directors, composed of individuals from Nunavik communities, ensures that they remain sensitive and receptive to the needs and concerns of the people they serve. In addition to the Hydro-Quebec division that operates Dash 8 300 and 400 series, Air Inuit’s Nunavik operations have grown from that sole flagship Beaver aircraft to include one Boeing 737, ten Dash 8s, three HS748s, seven Twin Otters, three King Airs, one Turbo Otter, one Beaver and two helicopters. Over the last thirty years, Air Inuit has grown into a company which now employs over 500 people. Air Inuit has established discounted rates for country foods, Inuit art, outboard engines, snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles.

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