AVIOR Airlines

AVIOR began its operations by the year 1994 with a little Cessna (C-337) aircraft. After that Avior include an Aerocomander (AC-500-S) aircraft, in order to offer corporative transport to oil companies and tourist operators of the oriental country zone.At the beggining of 1995 Avior bought two Dornier (DO-28) aircrafts, and by the January of 1997, Avior had nine aircrafts of the same model. With those equipments they transported a great amount of passengers, that consolidate the company and project it towards the future. Making honor to its slogan “Un Viaje de Diferencias”, AVIOR outline the goal of being the first aerial line in acquiring newest technology in Venezuela, contracting the services of software suppliers, specialized in the aerial commercial area.

Their Mission is To be an integral transport service company with optimal quality.Their Vision is To be the airline leader in the venezuelan market, and obtain recognized in Latin America, focused to offer excellent services with the lowest costs.They see the other person as a legitime another one in each one of its aspects.They are coherent between things they think or feel and between things they say or express.They are arranged to service, to collaborate and to be shared in common.Their actions are related with which they say. They fulfill their word.Avior Cargo offers airport to airport cargo service in more than 20 national and international cities, at a very reasonable cost.

For more information, please visit http://www.aviorairlines.com

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