Their Mission is To make Carpatair the preferred regional airline of southeast Europe. They are committed to this mission by: taking personal responsibility for the safety of each customer and employee , ensuring high quality services to their customers, adding value to their travel experience , providing a secure work environment with rewarding career opportunities , delivering a sustainable profit to support the growth of their company , setting realistic, accessible goals pursued with perseverance , keeping up with the industrys standards and challenges. This is a well-known concept in aviation and Carpatair’s operation is built on it. The Carpatair hub is located in Timisoara. Every morning, our airplanes depart from cities in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, bringing to Timisoara connecting passengers for western destinations.

Thirty minutes after arrival, these airplanes are aligned for take-off to Italy, Germany, Greece and Austria. The afternoon wave brings passengers from the western European cities to Timisoara and then, after forty minutes, the planes are ready for a new departure, this time back to their domestic and eastern destinations. Carpatairs airport-to-airport Cargo Service offers their customers simple and fast possibilities to transport their consignments on their regular flights to all Carpatair destinations. Their cargo personnel takes care of transport services both on Carpatairs own flights and farther to European hubs through specialized cargo sales agents in Italy and Germany. They offer a simple and fast service of documents dispatch between companies’ headquarters and their branches in the European Community.

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