Caverton helicopters

Caverton helicopters is one of the major providers of helicopter services. The first wholly indigenous civil helicopter company to work in the oil and gas industry. Working from facilities around the country and offering a wide-ranging array of services, Caverton provides helicopter transportation, maintenance, search and rescue, and related services to the offshore oil and gas industry as well as other business sectors. Contract helicopter maintenance and training programs are avilable to ensure that clients receieve the highest degree of flexiblity and the safest, most experienced flight and maintenance crews avilable. They provide themselves on providing safe and reliable services to customers in all major.

Caverton Helicopters has an unrivalled capablity for transporting passengers with speed and style. Their extensive fleet enables them to use the most appropriate aircraft for the task. with the inaccessible terrain characterisic of Nigeria a helicopter is often the most cost effective way to transport people. The helicopter’s unique ability to fly door to door can mean huge savings in time over any other means of transport and often at a lower cost. Sometimes it is the only practical way to get remote locations.

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