Costa Rica Airline Nature Air

This year, more than 110,000 passengers will travel Central America on Nature Air, the Costa Rica airline that has become the premier Central America airline for adventure travel, luxury vacations and eco tours.Nature Air’s back-story starts in 1990, when two Alaska bush pilots founded Travel Air. The original owners had a handful of routes to select tourist destinations in Costa Rica.Meanwhile, a consulting company called Naturegate was working in Central America on sustainable tourism projects. The Naturegate team worked on tourism projects in beautiful destinations, but without an adequate transportation infrastructure.Their aim in formalizing a policy on responsible tourism is to continually improve the way in which we run our business to the benefit of all involved (the business, our clients, our team members and our destinations)

The Costa Rica airline started opening new landing strips and new frontiers in Costa Rica travel.NGO teams, researchers, ecologists, environmentalists, foresters, and adventurers of all sorts were the first to travel Costa Rica on Nature Air.Then, Nature Air expanded to new vacation spots in Central America.They are proud members of our local Ecotourism Society, The International Ecotourism Society, RainForest Alliance and work with many other organizations to share their experience and learn from others.They have made all of our suppliers aware of this policy and will work with them to develop their own sustainable tourism policy.They use local employees for all our positions including operations, maintenance and administration.They provide training to each employee and provide English courses as well.

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