Croatian airline

The history of the Croatian airline company, Croatia Airlines, was written from day to day, because each following step meant a step nearer to the realisation of the goal, the creation of an national airline company. In all the years of its existence and in rendering services of carrying passengers and goods, Croatia Airlines has connected Croatian cities with all the most important capitals of Europe, and through them, with the entire world. The company is a joint-stock company, of mixed ownership. The Company’s Head Office is in the capital of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb. On 7 August 1989, the first Croatian air carrier, called Zagal – actually Zagreb Airlines – was registered. The Zagal company began operating with an aircraft of the Cessna 402 C type, and was engaged in the transport of UPS consignements.

CROATIA AIRLINES is determined in its endeavour to become the leading airline company regarding flight safety and service quality. The product of CROATIA AIRLINES is air transportation of passengers, cargo, and mail. Their success and profit directly depend on the trust and satisfaction of their customers. It is our policy to understand their needs and exceed their expectations. Supervision services are designated to airlines which do not have representatives in Croatia, or to airlines which are not able to meet traffic requests with the existing staff. They are providing services, which are in accordance with IATA AHM 810 2004 / Annex A / Section 1, in Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb, whilst on other domestic and international airports services are available on request.

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