Great River Aviation, LLC

Great River Aviation is a full service Fixed Based Operator (FBO) that has been serving the aviation community since 2003. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Great River Aviation is a professional aviation company located along the beautiful Mississippi River at Quincy Regional Baldwin Field in Quincy, IL (UIN).Their entire operation is focused on providing the quality of safety, security and service that YOU, our customer, deserve. Here at Great River Aviation they offer flight training, aircraft rental, charter services, maintenance, aircraft sales, and line services. Great River Aviation is your answer to all quality flight training needs. Located in scenic Quincy, IL this premiere flight school offers flight training for the beginning Private Pilot, the Instrument Rated Pilot, the Commercial Pilot, and the Professional ATP Multi-Engine Pilot.

At Great River Aviation they believe there are two kinds of people: those who are pilots, and those who want to be pilots. If you already are a pilot and are interested in additional ratings, they can provide the flight training you need to begin a career in aviation. If you have been looking wistfully towards the clouds for as long as you can remember,they can accommodate you as well. They provide the highly trained staff of flight instructors and a new fleet of Cessna Skyhawks, and you provide the desire and passion. At Great River Aviation they understand your passion for flying. Remember, they were once beginning pilots. Helping you achieve your dream is how they live their dream. They utilize Cessnas Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) program because it is the only integrated flight-training system in existence.

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