Roraima Airways

Roraima Airways established on August 31st 1992, commenced its operations as a domestic airline doing charters in Guyana, South America, and the Caribbean with particular emphasis on executive clientele. Over the years, it evolved into a group of companies in support of the mining and tourism industry. Roraima Airways has a track record of employing an array of experienced, aviation, food and beverage, tourism and hospitality staff. The composition of the staff is what distinguishes Roraima Airways as the leader in Guyanas travel and tourism industry. Captains Gerald and Debbie Gouveia are the owners of Roraima Airways. Captain Gerry Gouveia graduated from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as a professional pilot and has over thirty years experience in the aviation industry.

Roraima Group of companies is diverse and involved in travel and tourism with considerable vertical integration. Roraima Airways is Guyanas only company with an integrated network Travel and Tourism Services. Roraima International Travel Agency is a full-service IATA destination management company representing all major airlines with onward connections to the US, Canada, Europe and South America. Their friendly and courteous staff will help you plan your next trip, whether it is for pleasure or business. Our customers continue to enjoy unmatched personalized customer service from our professionally trained and experienced travel agents.

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