Rossiya Airlines

On October 29, 2006, the aircraft of FSUE State Transport Company RUSSIA, which was formed by affiliation of Pulkovo Airlines by STC Russia, started their flights under a common flag. This date become a most important milestone, and the reference point for the companys current history. The air companies affiliation took place in accordance with the RF Presidents Decree No. 1119 of August 24, 2004 and RF Government Resolution No. 881 of December 29, 2004. The main purpose of the restructuring is to create a powerful, advanced and competitive state-owned air carrier, as a part of the governmental strategy to improve the air transport enterprises structure to optimize the number of airlines and to consolidate them.
Maintaining and developing the best traditions of Russian aviation, Russia Airlines continues the creation of the air industrys current history. The companys chronicle is inseparable from the history of Pulkovo Airlines and Russia Airlines, which joined their rich traditions and made their respective ample contributions to create the unique history of FSUE STC Russia. The primary goals of the Air Engineering Depot (AED) are proper quality of maintenance and repair of basic and transit aircraft (AC); maintaining AC flight availability by improving aircraft equipment maintenance and repair; development of the training system, and improvement of the engineering personnels professional level. Their Mission is to be among the best, to meet the highest standards of safety and quality, to put all the efforts in order to make a flight affordable and pleasant for every passenger.

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