Saga Airlines

Saga Airlines has achieved a very selective staff formation by means of the experiences of the company managers who have a long background in civil aviation. Today, about 300 employees have been working in the modern, six story general directorate building of their company located in Florya, Istanbul which is capable of meeting the needs of the sector. Besides, our station in Istanbul Atatrk Airport is continuing its operation.The company management which is very particular about keeping the companys technical, financial and commercial structure very powerful, has also been successful on making its employees satisfied as well, by means of the personnel policy it implemented. SAGA AIRLINES is obliged to make the flight operation in a safe way. It fully complies with the national and international standards when doing this.

In their company where the average educational level is well above the average of Turkey, the average of bilingual personnel is also well above of the country average. And age average is within the criteria stipulated by the sector. Modern classroom formed for cabin and cockpit crews which has an infrastructure with all its tools and facilities is capable of meeting the expectations of the sector. Company employees have the best training, knowledge and skill, and the technical hardware is suitable to the most advanced technology. Their vision, as a piece of Turkish aviation sector, is to make SAGA AIRLINES reach a competitive and effective construction in compliance with the standards in International arena in order to represent their country.

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