Trinity Aviation

The mission of Trinity Aviation is to “be the premier provider of aircraft parts and services to the aviation industry.” Trinity Aviation is dedicated to building long-term relationships with “customers” through quality training and customer support. Trinity will strive to “be recognized as the leading aircraft parts and services company in the United States.” Trinity Aviation utilizes PENTAGON 2000SQL, a state of the art software system that assures efficient document preparation, accurate product and inventory data, a full complement of reporting capabilities, and future system flexibility.

Trinity Aviation also utilizes Inventory Location Services (ILS). This provides Trinity access to all aircraft materials available for sale. LIS has capabilities that allow the broadcasting of messages that will reach all users. Trinity can view posted messages as well as post their own messages that can spotlight their current purchases or availability of parts. Founded in June 2002 by Gary Post and Chuck Young with a principle business of supplying aircraft parts through inventory acquisitions and resale. The inventories also included aircraft tooling and equipment and GSE. The original facility was 5000 SF located in Erlanger Kentucky.

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