Venture Air

Venture Air, is a float plane charter service based out of Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.We offer not just our services to get you from A to B, but the potential to see and experience what the North has to offer! Over the years we have been chartering for all sorts of business, as well as for individuals, for fishing, hunting, canoeing, transportation to lodges, all the way to mining, geological exploration, and fire patrol. Or just getting you to your meeting on time! And always available for contract flying! Venture Air is a family owned and operated flight charter company located on the Burntwood River in Thompson Manitoba. They have been operating for the past 5 years and are very well respected not only with other flight services but also by Transport Canada. Safety for our staff and clients is our number one goal!

In a recent Transport Canada audit Venture Air scored the highest mark given by Transport Canada for safety and training. They scored the highest in all the North by far and for that matter in most of Canada! They are very proud of our achievements in this area and are continuously trying to raise the bar! Safety is our number one concern. Our hard working, diligent, attention to detail and extensive quality assurance program make our Aircraft Maintenance team proven to be one of the best in Canada. Their service is bar none the best in the North Country! Their Staff is professional, reliable and work very hard to make your experience memorable.

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