World Airways

They are proud of their accomplishments in a very competitive industry. Operating around the world, in every time zone, World Airways carries both passengers and cargo with our fleet of wide-body MD-11, DC-10 and B747 aircraft. They offer customers a high level of flexibility, based on a record of safety and reliability. They fly to an average of 140 airports in 50 countries in any given year, and they are the largest commercial carrier of U.S. military personnel. Since 1948, World Airways has an interesting past and a promising future, always striving to deliver A Standard of Excellence A World of Difference. World Airways, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., is a U.S. certificated air carrier established in 1948. For 60 years, World Airways has been a global provider of long-range passenger and cargo air transportation services to the U.S.

The company’s mission is to provide specialized air transportation solutions through innovative people committed to delivering the highest levels of safety, reliability, customer satisfaction and shareholder value. With over half a century of global operating experience, World Airways is a leader in customizing passenger programs that are optimally suited to fit your needs. World Airways is the choice for large group charter travel utilizing MD-11s with true wide body comfort that can be configured in one, two or three class cabin layouts. Your group will travel together in comfort with no connections required. World Airways is a US flag carrier with worldwide operating authority having served major customers including tour operators, governments, private charters and major airlines in both an ACMI and full service capacity for over 59 years.

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