Air Methods

Air Methods Corporation was established in Colorado in 1980 and now serves as the largest provider of air medical emergency transport services and systems throughout the United States. They provide air medical emergency transport services under two separate operating models: the Community-Based Model (CBM) and the Hospital-Based Model (HBM).RMH, Mercy Air Service, Inc. (Mercy Air), and LifeNet, Inc. (LifeNet) operate as wholly-owned subsidiaries of Air Methods.

Under both CBM and HBM operations, they transport persons requiring intensive medical care from either the scene of an accident or general care hospitals to highly skilled trauma centers or tertiary care centers. Under the CBM delivery model, their employees provide medical care to patients en route, while under the HBM delivery model, medical care en route is provided by employees or contractors of their customer hospitals. Their Products Division designs, manufactures, and installs aircraft medical interiors and other aerospace or medical transport products.

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