Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has been named best airline in Southern Europe in a survey conducted by well-known market research company Skytrax. Turkish Airlines was founded under law no. 2186 in ANKARA under the name”STATE AIRLINES ADMINISTRATION” as a department of Ministry of Defence. As a part of an expansion program Turkish Airlines will launch a new direct flight to Goteborg, the second largest city in Sweden, as the seventh new international route this year.

Turkish Airlines achieved another success by becoming the sole 4-star airline of Europe, a title which is monitored by other airline companies across the globe after an intensive work aiming the high standard of quality and customer satisfaction. As one of the worlds fastest growing carriers Turkish Airlines attained the 4-star status for the categories of first class, business class, economy class in long haul flights and the categories of business class, economy class in short haul flights. One of the worlds fastest growing airline companies Turkish Airlines has received an award from Airbus for Top Operational Excellence of its A320 family fleet, in recognition of its service record.

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