Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc.

Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc. (“GWTT”) was incorporated in May 1993 as a California corporation dedicated to this mission: To help their customers achieve success by providing impeccable third-party and forth party logistics services such as intl freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trading escrow, marketing research, and related services.Endorsed and supported by both U.S. and Chinese business institutions, GWTT is a premier resource and commerce channel promoting trade and transportation between Asia and North America, especially between the United States and China, the largest developed economy and the largest developing economy in the world. GWTT proved its effectiveness from inception, achieving operational status within its first three months and continues its rapid growth in both scope and excellence.

Its expanding base of satisfied customers includes importers, exporters, freight forwarders, and a wide range of enterprises engaged in Pacific operations. As a new star in the WTO, China is destined to accelerate its expansion into world markets. And as it continues to grow as one of the largest U.S. trade partners, GWTT is positioned as a key player and contributor in the Economic Era of the Pacific Rim as GWTT is naturally born and enriched in the strong cultural background with both the U.S. and China, the two leading roles in this economy. To provide speedy international air freight services for any shipments around world. They are not only move dry cargoes, but also most special shipments by air such as perishable/live cargo, frozen goods, and hazardous goods.

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