Group 3 Aviation

Group 3 Aviation is an FAA approved flight training facility and an FAA approved Part 135 executive charter service. Our Los Angeles helicopter school offers a wide variety of helicopter and airplane services, which include flight training in Schweizer 300 CBi’s, Robinson R22′s and R44′s, Cessna 152′s, 172′s and multi engine training in the Piper Seminole. Their fleet of Helicopters and airplanes is maintained by the finest, most experienced rotorcraft and fixed wing mechanics in the industry. They also offer various commercial aerial services for the photo and motion picture industries, such as aerial photography, aerial location scouting and a variety of aircraft for use on-camera. Group 3 Aviation has enjoyed a global reputation for aviation excellence since 1993 by consistently providing its clients with truly personalized service.

Their founders are proud of their 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and their steadfast commitment to both uncompromised aviation safety and professional integrity. Group 3 Aviation, Inc. holds a Motion Picture and Television Waiver and Authorization (Movie Manual) as approved by The Federal Aviation Administration. This affords us the ability to fly operations not permitted otherwise. Flexibility with respect to suitable aircraft is given by offering the following wide range of options: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell JetRanger, Eurocopter Astar, Eurocopter TwinStar helicopters or the Cessna 172 airplane. The variety of choices of cameras, hard mounts, stabilizing systems, lighting and other gear affords our clients the ability to tailor each piece of equipment to suit their needs.

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