KaiserAir is a full-service management company and fixed-base operator at Oakland International Airport, specializing in the operation and maintenance of Gulfstream, Hawker, Cessna and other business jet aircraft. For the business executive or private client, KaiserAir offers full-service aircraft management. They also can assist you with arranging co-ownership plans. In addition, they offer charter services, including Plan K a special 100-hour charter package that compares favorably with fractional ownership. As the only full service, fixed-base operator at Oakland Internationals North Airport, we provide aviation fuel and line service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our ramp is over 16 acres and their safe and efficient line services are NATA “Safety First” approved and recognized throughout the industry.

As a result, most of Fortune Magazines Top 50 companies make KaiserAir their home when visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. KaiserAir dates back to 1946 when it was established as the flight department of industrialist Henry J. Kaisers family of companies. He was a perfectionist, who instilled standards of excellence that infuse our corporate culture today. During more than 55 years of flying, we have maintained a perfect safety record. They pay equal attention to maintaining the value of your aircraft at the highest level, and to providing the personal service that makes it a pleasure to fly with KaiserAir.

For more information, please visit http://www.kaiserair.com

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