Sunshine Aviation

The primary purpose of your aircrafts paint job is protection against corrosion and erosion of the structural elements of the aircraft. However, it is their mission to provide unmatched protection AND an excellent exterior coating for your aircraft. The first thing people notice about your aircraft is the way that it looks, mostly the quality of the paint job that is on your aircraft. Quality is their top priority in the painting of your aircraft. From pre-coating inspections for dings, dents, corrosion, and other abnormalities to using top quality aviation paints, they want to ensure our clients with the best possible paint job available.

They provide a wide array of services and they invite you to look around for a while. With their painting, interior, and maintenance services, they are certain that they can provide the solutions that you need. Sunshine Aviation is located at the Russellville-Logan County (4M7) airport in Russellville Kentucky. They have been providing superior coating service since 1996 when they opened their doors in Portland, TN. They have been at their Russellville Location for the past 2 years as they have experience growth due to the quality of their workmanship. Quality of service and product are their top priority at Sunshine Aviation. They use only quality paints and parts when working on your aircraft. For example, they baby your aircraft from replacement of all screws with stainless steel ones, to a pristine finish on your paint job.

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