Blue Airlines

Blue Airlines S.A. made up its mind and acquired a Merlin Metro III,After analyzing all the equipment possibilities and taking security and comfort into account, which is a well-known airplane, and after years of excellent service we’re convinced that we’ve made the right choice.

Its professionals and aircrafts meet every Federal Aviation Administration and Argentina Air Force requirements. It know you just want to have a nice flight and it work 24 hrs to give you exactly that, a nice journey. Since you get communicated till you start your flight the total amount of time for departure in no more than 2 hrs. You make your own schedule, it get rid of delays on check-in and check-outs, it will wait for you. On time service an confidentiality: being on time is a key factor on its service, that’s why it concentrate its efforts on serving you the way you deserve.

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Rex.Regional Express Airlines

The Rex Group was formed in 2002 but is essentially the merger of the businesses of two well established, distinguished and successful air carriers in Australia, namely the passenger airline businesses of Hazelton and Kendell. Although part of the Ansett Group, these two passenger airlines had been operating largely as separate businesses until their merger under Rex.

Rex has its roots firmly in the bush and in country Australia. Its tagline boldly affirms that ‘Our Heart is in the Country’. Rex believes that the bush needs and deserves an air service of quality that provides good connectivity with capital cities at affordable prices. Rex seeks to fulfil these expectations. Since its formation, Rex has steered a course balancing the needs of regional communities for extensive and affordable air services and to be economically viable and sustainable.

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Gorkha Airlines

Gorkha Airlines took to the skies in the summer of 1996. With two helicopters and a lot of dedication, its chartered helicopter service was a major success. And so began its efforts to diversify into the commercial scheduled flight sectors. Now, Gorkha Airlines with a fleet of two German made Dornier Aircrafts and MI-l7 Helicopter is poised for a major growth in operations by opening up a whole new world of air travel, introducing an airlines that will fly you to destinations countrywide in comfort and safety.

Nepal is a visitor’s paradise. Now here in the world will you find such an abundance in geographical attributes because within this small kingdom is found altitudes ranging from mean sea level to the highest mountain on earth Mount Everest. This variation fosters an amazing Eco-system where the king of the jungle, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the famous one horned Rhino roam in the lush steamy lowland jungles of the terai to the middle hills with their fertile valleys and further, frozen peaks and high altitude deserts to the north. Rich in flora and fauna, Nepal is a land of exquisite beauty.

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United Airlines

United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAUA) operates nearly 3,000* flights a day on United and United Express to more than 200 U.S. domestic and international destinations from its hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and Washington, D.C. With key global air rights in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America, United is one of the largest international carriers based in the United States.

United also is a founding member of Star Alliance, which provides connections for our customers to 975 destinations in 162 countries worldwide. United’s 52,000 employees reside in every U.S. state and in many countries around the world.

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Damal Airline

Starting off on a humble way in 1993 with two leased Russian made aircrafts – AN24 and AN32 serving one destination; weekly flight to Bossaso (Somalia) & originating from Sharjah (UAE), Damal Airline today has emerged as a major Airline bridging Somalia with the rest of the world.

Damal Airline was established to improve the regional communications and to ease the business & commercial travels between Somalia, its neighboring countries and around the world as well. It substantially contributed the aviation industry of Somalia, since at the time of its launch there was a desperate need to get air transportation services in the country. It is equally owned by its two working directors namely: Abdi Nur Aden (President) and Khalif Issa Yusuf (Managing Director).

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Kingfisher Airlines

Welcome aboard Kingfisher Airlines, where you are made to feel like an honoured guest and not just a passenger. At Kingfisher, a flight is not a journey between two airports but an experience of a lifetime.As its esteemed guest you can experience Kingfisher Airlines in three unique classes of service – Kingfisher First (Business class) Kingfisher Class (Premium economy) and Kingfisher Red (Low fare). Kingfisher First and Kingfisher Class is available on its  international routes too.

As Kingfisher takes off into the international skies, you can expect a world-class experience. Every Kingfisher aircraft meets the global standards that it has set in terms of safety and performance. Its brand-new fleet incorporates the latest technology and each aircraft is fitted with a personalized in-flight entertainment system and top quality programming content from around the world for your viewing and listening pleasure, and to create an environment that you will truly cherish.

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TradeWinds Airlines

TradeWinds Airlines has provided the US Domestic and International marketplace with 39 years of dedicated service to its customers. Specializing largely in ACMI cargo operations, TradeWinds offers unmatched experience, reliability, safety and dedication. Its customers are demanding yet its performance reliability and maintenance completion rates are amongst the highest in the industry.

Its long history in the US markets and growing International presence has provided TradeWinds with unique experiences that make us a veteran industry leader. Its entire organization is committed to providing professional and dedicated service to all its customers and insuring that its reputation enables us to sustain the success it has achieved throughout its long history.

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Daallo Airlines

DAALLO Airlines is a regional carrier that serves the East African region with flights to France and UK and the Gulf. We are the national carrier for the Republic of Djibouti, having a significant dominance in the cargo and the passenger traffic to and from these countries. Its reputation for reliability, scheduling, frequencies and customer service has been built over the past 17 years. It has gained tremendous goodwill in the region for serving the community through the times of hardship and civil strife.

Its strong regional route network includes Djibouti, Dubai, Jeddah, Hargeisa, Galkayo, Bossaso, Mogadishu, Nairobi, Paris and London. Currently Daallo Airline’s employees number 250 employees, coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and contributing to rich mix and experience of the flying experience.

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Srilankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines’ flight schedule is undergoing several temporary changes, as the airline introduces new aircraft and retires four older ones in its narrow-body fleet. Two new Airbus A320 aircraft have already been acquired, the first of which arrived on 30-Nov-08.

Two more are being actively sourced, and until they arrive the airline is temporarily suspending services to four destinations – Calicut, Cochin, Coimbatore and Hyderabad from 15- Jan-09 until the end of the winter season.

SriLankan will continue to serve all of the other destinations in its route network.

In India the airline continues to serve major destinations New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. It will also maintain a major presence in Tamil Nadu through its 15 flights a week to Chennai, and daily flights to Trichy.

The suspension of operations to these four Indian cities will not affect the country’s tourism, export industry or its travelling public. The airline will also continue to fly to the country’s major tourism generating markets in Europe.

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