Airways New Zealand

Airways New Zealand is one of the worlds’ leading providers of commercial Air Navigation Services (ANS), responsible for managing all domestic and international air traffic operating within New Zealand’s 37 million square kilometres of airspace. In 2003 Airways was voted the best ANS provider in the world for value for money and quality of service, by the International Aviation Transport Association representing 280 of the world’s airlines. The world’s first fully commercial air traffic management company, Airways currently employs around 680 staff. Airways’ shareholders (on behalf of the Government) are the Ministers for State-Owned Enterprises and Finance.

Airways’ revenue comes from services it provides to airlines and pilots flying into or over New Zealand and from the advice and services it provides to overseas organisations and international business partners. It receives no funding directly from the Government. The company is managed by an independent, commercial Board of Directors, and is in a strong financial position regularly returning significant dividends back to the company’s shareholders. Air Traffic Control comprises the various aircraft navigation and communication systems that use computers, radar, radios, and other instruments and devices to provide guidance to flying aircraft. The goal of air traffic control is to minimise the risk of aircraft collisions while maximising the number of aircraft that can fly safely at the same time.

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Group 3 Aviation

Group 3 Aviation is an FAA approved flight training facility and an FAA approved Part 135 executive charter service. Our Los Angeles helicopter school offers a wide variety of helicopter and airplane services, which include flight training in Schweizer 300 CBi’s, Robinson R22′s and R44′s, Cessna 152′s, 172′s and multi engine training in the Piper Seminole. Their fleet of Helicopters and airplanes is maintained by the finest, most experienced rotorcraft and fixed wing mechanics in the industry. They also offer various commercial aerial services for the photo and motion picture industries, such as aerial photography, aerial location scouting and a variety of aircraft for use on-camera. Group 3 Aviation has enjoyed a global reputation for aviation excellence since 1993 by consistently providing its clients with truly personalized service.

Their founders are proud of their 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and their steadfast commitment to both uncompromised aviation safety and professional integrity. Group 3 Aviation, Inc. holds a Motion Picture and Television Waiver and Authorization (Movie Manual) as approved by The Federal Aviation Administration. This affords us the ability to fly operations not permitted otherwise. Flexibility with respect to suitable aircraft is given by offering the following wide range of options: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell JetRanger, Eurocopter Astar, Eurocopter TwinStar helicopters or the Cessna 172 airplane. The variety of choices of cameras, hard mounts, stabilizing systems, lighting and other gear affords our clients the ability to tailor each piece of equipment to suit their needs.

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Dolphin Aviation

Dolphin Aviation, Inc. was founded in 1969 and has been conducting business continuously ever since at its location at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport in Sarasota, Florida. Dolphin Aviation is an all-round Aviation Services company. At their 24-hour general aviation facility they provide a wide range of services to the owners and operators of general aviation aircraft, their passengers and their crew members. The aircraft vary in size from small privately owned single engine propeller planes to large business jet aircraft and even airline size aircraft. Dolphin Aviation is a full service 24-hour, NATA Safety 1st FBO providing a wide range of services for all types of aircraft, from small private aircraft to commercial-sized jets.

Their highly trained line service personnel will be happy to assist you in parking and refueling your aircraft on their 100,000 sq. ft ramp. They can provide you with ground power, lavatory/water service and baggage handling. Dolphin’s customer service representatives will work closely with you to anticipate and fulfill your various needs. They will have your fuel waiting for you if a quick turn is needed; rental cars at the plane with contracts filled out and awaiting your signature, book your hotel rooms at hotels of your choice, ground services, in-flight catering, U.S. Customs and anything else you need.

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Sport Aviation

Sport Aviation, based at Van Sant Airport, Erwinna, PA in the heart of beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Take a barnstorming bi-plane ride, a scenic glider ride, sign up for pilot instruction, get your tailwheel endorsement. We have everything for pilots and spectators plus all the fun of watching planes and gliders, old and new, take off and land on our grass strip. Sport Aviation was established in 1995 with the goal of providing clients a glimpse of the golden era of aviation. They specialize in classic, tail-wheel aircraft. At Sport Aviation we promote a unique, laid-back family atmosphere. Hamburgers and hotdogs are available on summer weekends and they have picnic areas available for families. Van Sant airport attracts a variety of unique and rare airplanes to visit us and is a great place to spend the day.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be an eagle gliding blissfully and effortlessly in the sky? Welcome to the world of silent flight. Come experience the joy of soaring with Sport Aviation, at Van Sant Airport, which offers a variety of rides in our sailplanes. Their regular ride takes you to 3,000 feet from where you and your pilot leisurely float back enjoying the serene beauty of power-less flight. The Mile High Ride takes you up to 5,000 feet, almost a mile above the earth, as you soar among the eagles. For those who would like to “dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings”, they offer the ultimate thrill in our aerobatic glider ride as you carve your own roller coaster through the sky.

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Helijet is proud to have been a part of the growth of British Columbia for the past two decades. In November 1986, armed with a vision, one helicopter and handful of dedicated employees Helijet began commuter service between downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria. The first scheduled helicopter service in Canada! From that one helicopter and one route they have grown into a publicly traded company offering a wide range of scheduled and charter services with a fleet of 10 helicopters and airplanes and over 100 employees. They look forward to helping the people of British Columbia get where they want to go for many decades to come. Dedicated to the Greater Vancouver region since 1980, Helijet Charters is Vancouver’s premiere charter helicopter operation.

In their ongoing mission to maintain the highest safety and operating standards of heliports in Canada, Pacific Heliport Services aims to provide a level of service exceeding their customers expectations. Helijet is proud to be one of the largest providers of Air Medical services in Western Canada. Whether responding to life threatening emergency calls or requests for patient transfers, Helijet provides a vital air ambulance lifeline for communities throughout North America. Based at Vancouver International Airport, Helijet Air Medical is contracted to operate Air Ambulance Sikorsky S76 helicopters and a Bombardier LearJet 31A airplane on behalf of the BC Air Ambulance Services. In partnership with other Independant Air Medical Providers another LearJet 31A is available on an air medical charter basis.

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Great River Aviation, LLC

Great River Aviation is a full service Fixed Based Operator (FBO) that has been serving the aviation community since 2003. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Great River Aviation is a professional aviation company located along the beautiful Mississippi River at Quincy Regional Baldwin Field in Quincy, IL (UIN).Their entire operation is focused on providing the quality of safety, security and service that YOU, our customer, deserve. Here at Great River Aviation they offer flight training, aircraft rental, charter services, maintenance, aircraft sales, and line services. Great River Aviation is your answer to all quality flight training needs. Located in scenic Quincy, IL this premiere flight school offers flight training for the beginning Private Pilot, the Instrument Rated Pilot, the Commercial Pilot, and the Professional ATP Multi-Engine Pilot.

At Great River Aviation they believe there are two kinds of people: those who are pilots, and those who want to be pilots. If you already are a pilot and are interested in additional ratings, they can provide the flight training you need to begin a career in aviation. If you have been looking wistfully towards the clouds for as long as you can remember,they can accommodate you as well. They provide the highly trained staff of flight instructors and a new fleet of Cessna Skyhawks, and you provide the desire and passion. At Great River Aviation they understand your passion for flying. Remember, they were once beginning pilots. Helping you achieve your dream is how they live their dream. They utilize Cessnas Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) program because it is the only integrated flight-training system in existence.

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Transaero Airlines

Transaero Airlines launched service in 1991. Transaero is the second largest Russian airline serving international routes. Transaero won Wings of Russian 2007 award in Airline of the Year the Best Airline Serving International Routes. Transaero is the leader of the industry in terms of long-term stable development. The airlines passenger flow grew by almost 12 times in the recent five years. Transaero has the largest long-haul fleet in the Russian Federation, which includes 42 aircraft: 12 -747s, 11 -767s, 15 -737s, 2 – 777 and 2 Tupolev Tu-214. Transaero is the only airline in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe countries to operate modern wide-body -747 airplanes. Transaero serves routes connecting Moscow with 85 destinations and it is the only Russian airline to operate scheduled flights to five continents.

International flights account for approximately 85% of the entire passenger turnover of the airline. Transaero fleet development strategy is based on three key principles: safety, comfort and constant business processes optimization. Transaero has the largest long-haul fleet in the Russian Federation. Transaero is the only airline in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe countries to operate modern wide-body -747 airplanes. Transaero has all necessary certificates issued by Russian, European and US regulatory authorities, which authorize the airline to perform maintenance of all airplanes of its fleet. All Transaero airplanes meet the most stringent international standards in terms of flight safety, noise and emission.

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Cessna Aircraft Company

More than eight decades ago, a small aircraft company started in Wichita, Kan., to do what others said could not be done to build a monoplane that used a wing without supporting struts or braces. When the Cessna All Purpose took off August 13, 1927, the aviation world was forever changed. In fact, Clyde Cessnas cantilever design has been the standard ever since. Truth be told, the history of Cessna is a long line of firsts . With such a heritage, its no wonder Cessna Aircraft Company is the leading designer and manufacturer of light and midsize business jets, utility turboprops and single engine aircraft, having sold and delivered more aircraft than anyone else in history 190,000 and counting. Today, with 15,000-plus dedicated employees worldwide and billions of dollars in orders for some of the worlds most advanced aircraft, the future of our company and their customers is even brighter than their lustrous past.

At Cessna, they understand that commitment to customers means more than just designing and manufacturing the world’s finest aircraft. Over the last 80-plus years, their unsurpassed customer service has kept more than 190,000 aircraft and their owners safely in the sky where they belong. That’s why they operate the industry’s largest, most comprehensive, dedicated worldwide service network. Their 9 company-owned Citation Service Centers are fully equipped to meet all inspection, maintenance and service requirements for the entire Citation fleet. Additionally, 33 Authorized Citation Service Centers around the world offer segmented Citation support. Cessna has strategically positioned more than 400 Authorized Service Stations in more than 18 countries around the world to provide exceptional propeller aircraft maintenance support.

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Private Plane

Private Plane is a U.S.A. based aircraft charter company with their corporate offices located in New York City. Their mission at Private Plane is to offer outstanding customer service, ensure that no detail is overlooked, no expectation left unmet and all at the most competitive pricing in the air charter industry with a remarkable selection of aircraft. Personalized service and assured quality differentiates Private Plane from their competitors. We accommodate your needs to go anywhere in the world on the aircraft that best suits your plan. From small aircrafts to Boeing Business Jets, they go to great lengths to ensure you a comfortable and luxurious travel.

Their mission at Private Plane is to offer outstanding customer service, ensure that no detail is overlooked, no expectation left unmet and all at the most competitive pricing in the air charter industry with a remarkable selection of aircraft.
Personalized service and assured quality differentiates Private Plane from their competitors. They accommodate your needs to go anywhere in the world on the aircraft that best suits your plan. From small aircrafts to Boeing Business Jets, they go to great lengths to ensure you a comfortable and luxurious travel. At Private Plane we recognize the importance of service and value.

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Aviat Aircraft Inc

Aviat Aircraft Inc. is located in Afton, Wyoming. Aviat is engaged in the development, manufacture and servicing of sport and utility aircraft sold under the Aviat trade names of Husky A-1A and A-1B, the Pitts Special S-2C, and the Eagle II. The facility, situated two blocks south of the city center, consists primarily of six light manufacturing buildings containing approximately 72,000 square feet of enclosed space on about five acres of land. The facility at Afton has many advantages as a manufacturing base including the availability of labor that has many years experience in the construction of light aircraft. The Pitts Special is part of American aviation history. An early Pitts Special airplane is in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. Pitts Special airplanes are also in the Experimental Aviation Association Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin as well as the British Museum in London and many other aviation museums around the world.

The Pitts Special was designed by Curtis Pitts and is acknowledged as the worlds leading competition aerobatic and airshow display airplane. The Pitts Special has won more aerobatic competitions than any other airplane in history. It is the only fully FAA Certified competition airplane made in America and one of the very few which are manufactured in the world. The current model is the Pitts S-2C, a two-place airplane capable of unlimited category competition and universally recognized as “the” aerobatic trainer, as it can legally carry both instructor and student, including fuel reserves, during all hard aerobatic training sessions. There have been some 700 factory manufactured Pitts and an estimated 600 that have been built from plans or kits in the period before 1984.

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