Sudan Airways

The first flight, which landed in a Sudanese Airport at Shejara was in 1913; just one decade after the successful attempts of the Right Brothers. In 1936 the Sudan Civil Aviation Department was established. Sudan Airways was incorporated under The Companies’ Ordinance (1925) Act; in 1947. The Company started with four De Havilland 8 Seater Dove Aircrafts, being the first acquisition of this type in the region ,as well as pioneering the introduction of seven 28 seater DC3 in 1952.The Company was the first in Africa to acquire F27 Turboprop-powered aircraft, with a 36 passenger seating capacity. A gradual fleet modernization plan was adopted and the company introduced the Boeing 737 and B707 in the 1970s, Fokker 50s in the 1980s and Airbus A310s the 1990s.

Sudan Airways is considered as one of the Airlines that (on ground and in-flight) provides high level standard services to its customers, in-flight, at its offices which are well distributed and well situated in the international and domestic cities and airports to which it travels.They would therefore be exceedingly pleased if you would furnish us with your valuable comments, so that they can offer you continuously improved services.Sudan Airways is very proud of all its diversified services to its customers.In addition to the normal standard services, they offer in flight sales.They trust that their passengers would be kind enough to send us their observations, comments and complaints which would be very keenly attended to and replied for.

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Adria Airways

The Slovenian national airline Adria Airways has a wealth of experience spanning over 47 years in charter and scheduled air traffic. The Adria Airways story dates back to 1961, when it was founded as a charter company. In the eighties the airline started serving scheduled routes, and became a member of the IATA, the International Air Transport Association.Today the majority of Adria Airways business is in scheduled flights; its network links Ljubljana with more than 25 cities throughout Europe and offers excellent connections to South East Europe.Adria Airways operates charter flights for the most part seasonally, and most frequently to destinations in the Mediterranean.Adria Airways embodies many features characteristic of Slovenia: hospitality, friendliness and high-quality services.

Their goal is to remain a dependable and successful European regional carrier well into the future, during which they continue to grow and develop. Together with a professional, caring staff and a modern fleet, Adria Airways is committed to providing a high level of service and satisfaction, and to winning the loyalty of its passengers.At Adria Airways we have a 40-year tradition in passenger transport, and the same tradition in ensuring safety and the maintenance of our fleet, which currently comprises three Airbus A320 and seven Canadair Regional Jet CRJ aircraft.The aviation industry has built into its operations many back-up safety features, and this is an everyday part of life at Adria Airways.At Adria we are aware of our broader social responsibility and the value of mutual cooperation in their social sphere.

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Highland Airways

Highland Airways was established in 1991 (as Air Alba) on the back of a UK-wide pollution control contract with Atlantic Reconnaissance of Coventry.Inverness was selected as the northern operating base for this obligation. The founder, Alan Mossman, realised that the local crews who spent most of their time on standby, could turn their hands to suitable and productive aviation-related activities. A flying school and air taxi service were offered.In 1998 the company secured its first substantial contract involving the daily delivery of newspapers to the northern and western isles, this is an obligation continued to this day. Stornoway, Kirkwall and Sumburgh all receive these flights with additional flights at weekends to cater for the increased weights.They re based in Inverness but we regularly serve all the Scottish airports.

They fly to the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland each day and have a range of charter aircraft to serve your pressing transport needs.They also run a service linking Cardiff in the south of Wales with the Isle of Anglesey in the north west of Wales.They aim to provide high quality good value services to clients and passengers. We like to work with key partners and suppliers in long term and trusting relationships. They aim to develop the unique potential of each and every member of their staff to help the company fulfil its goals and to increase work satisfaction.They take professional pride in a job well done.Highland Airways has credibility and experience in several key markets.They employ a range of specialist teams to fulfil diverse roles and head office expertise backs up our frontline capability.

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AirTran Airways

AirTran Airways is a culmination of several airlines and lots of hard work. In 1992, the predecessor airline, ValuJet Airlines was founded by airline industry veterans including an executive group from the former Southern Airways and pilots, mechanics and flight attendants from the defunct Eastern Air Lines.AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings (NYSE: AAI), is a low-fare airline designed for business travelers, offering Business class, new planes with XM Satellite Radio and EasyFit Overhead Bins, assigned seats, and their accommodating frequent flier program A+ Rewards.AirTran Airways’ mix of low fares and an affordable Business Class with excellent customer service and one of the world’s youngest all-Boeing fleets has continued to strike a chord with the public.The airline continues to expand their team of quality people, and remains dedicated to providing the safest, most comfortable flights possible. AirTran Airways continues to maintain steady, sustainable growth based on a long-term vision and solid plan.

Innovative people dedicated to delivering the best flying experience to smart travelers. Every day.AirTran Holdings is committed to operating their business under the highest ethical standards, in an open and transparent manner, to the benefit of the Company’s shareholders, customers and employees.The Governance rules presented here, along with the committee charters and code of conduct, provide the framework for the governance of the Company. In setting forth these governance rules, we provide their board members, management and employees with clear guidelines for the ethical principles and accountability that apply to all of them. The Board of Directors and the management are committed to these principles as an essential component in the operation of the Company.With the dynamic changes unfolding in the law and in corporate governance principles, these governance rules and charters will be reviewed regularly to ensure that they maintain the highest standards for the Company.

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Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways aims at setting the standard for customer orientation and become an admired airline to fly, to invest in, and to work for.Kuwait Airways Goals To provide customer-oriented services that meet the individual needs and preferences of their clients.For clients who look for best-in-class services, they provide for them a premium product.For clients seeking value for money, they provide a reliable economy product.Their philosophy is to be an airline with a global reach and a local touch. Their clients will appreciate our services that enhance both novelty and tradition.To serve the entire community of Kuwait.To become the preferred carrier for inbound business travel.To become a link for Business and Leisure travel between Eastern and Western regions.

They are an international airline. We connect the Kuwaiti economy and society with the world whenever it is economically feasible.They are an important link. The geographic location of Kuwait allows us to link with the GCC countries, the Indian sub-continent and Asia with Europe, and the USA and vice versa.On the wave of the oil boom of the 1940s, a national carrier was born in 1954. Initially, Kuwait Airways Company served a limited network of Abadan, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem but a year later the fledgling carrier was facing economic hardship, and the government of Kuwait took a 50% interest in the airline, subsequently doubling the company’s capital. Having entered the rough and tumble world of aviation, the government finally took out 100% share in Kuwait Airways.

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Qatar Airways

Travel by air has reached the point where it is now taken for granted in most corners of the globe. With larger number of passengers and more choice available in the skies, airlines looking to maintain and grow their position in the marketplace must provide a high-quality service with ever-increasing efficiency.In this highly competitive environment, award-winning Qatar Airways has undergone a phenomenal expansion period, with an average of 35% growth year-on-year for the past 10 years. Along the way, the airline has garnered many awards and accolades, becoming one of only five airlines worldwide to have been awarded a 5-star rating by Skytrax, an independent aviation industry monitor.Their commitment is to provide travellers with the highest quality of service in the air and on the ground. Qatar Airways will grow these services as we continue along our path of expansion and quest to become known globally as the best airline in the world.

Qatar Airways flies one of the youngest and most modern fleet of aircraft in the skies today. Our expansion is phenomenal with ongoing orders for more than 200 aircraft worth over US$30 billion.They are committed to providing our passengers with the highest levels of service and innovation onboard their flights.Their long-haul fleet of Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft feature interactive inflight audio and video options for every passenger in all cabins.Qatar Airways has grown from operating a single aircraft in 1994 to over 60 new-generation aircraft today.They connect people and places from every corner of the globe and keep businesses on the move with over 80 destinations worldwide.Qatar Airways is a travel industry innovator in the study of natural gas derived kerosene (GTL) as a first step towards alternative fuels.They have the responsibility to deal with the impact on global climate change, noise, local air quality, non-renewable resources and waste.

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Costa Rica Airline Nature Air

This year, more than 110,000 passengers will travel Central America on Nature Air, the Costa Rica airline that has become the premier Central America airline for adventure travel, luxury vacations and eco tours.Nature Air’s back-story starts in 1990, when two Alaska bush pilots founded Travel Air. The original owners had a handful of routes to select tourist destinations in Costa Rica.Meanwhile, a consulting company called Naturegate was working in Central America on sustainable tourism projects. The Naturegate team worked on tourism projects in beautiful destinations, but without an adequate transportation infrastructure.Their aim in formalizing a policy on responsible tourism is to continually improve the way in which we run our business to the benefit of all involved (the business, our clients, our team members and our destinations)

The Costa Rica airline started opening new landing strips and new frontiers in Costa Rica travel.NGO teams, researchers, ecologists, environmentalists, foresters, and adventurers of all sorts were the first to travel Costa Rica on Nature Air.Then, Nature Air expanded to new vacation spots in Central America.They are proud members of our local Ecotourism Society, The International Ecotourism Society, RainForest Alliance and work with many other organizations to share their experience and learn from others.They have made all of our suppliers aware of this policy and will work with them to develop their own sustainable tourism policy.They use local employees for all our positions including operations, maintenance and administration.They provide training to each employee and provide English courses as well.

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Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines started out in 1945 with a single twin-engine DC-3 (Dakota) HZ-AAX given to King Abdul Aziz as a gift by the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.This was followed months later with the purchase of two more DC-3s, and these formed the nucleus of what in few years later was to become one of the world’s largest airlines.It is their pleasure to list the most important historical highlights of Saudi Arabian Airlines since its establishment until becoming one of the best airlines in the world.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia having recognized the advantage of regulating in a uniform manner, the conditions of international transportation by air in respect of the documents used for such transportation and of the liability of the carrier, ratified the Warsaw Convention (1929) and the Hague Protocol (1955), on 27.

Saudi Arabian Airlines endorses the action program adopted by the IATA legal committee and cooperates to the maximum feasible extent in achieving its objectives of modernization of the Warsaw System, for the purpose of unification of laws to meet the global developments.Saudi Arabian Airlines reservation can provide several special services on flights besides a simple seat reservation. Just call any one of our reservation offices and advise the agent with the type of the special service you need. Saudi Arabian Airlines provides a wide variety of special meals for those who, for dietary or health reasons must, have special food or for those passengers traveling with infants.

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Moldavian Airlines

Moldavian Airlines was the first private airline of the Republic of Moldova back in 1994, the year of airline’s birth.
It all started with regular flights between Chisinau and Moscow, while Moldavian Airlines started to operate daily flights to Moscow’s airport of Domodedovo. It helped to offer Moldovan passengers immediate and excellent connections to Siberia region, as, at that time Domodedovo airport was famous for its Siberia-bound traffic.First flights were a scheduled route using an Yakovlev Yak-42 short haul jet leased from Ukraine which was flown in basic Aeroflot livery but with Moldavian Airlines titles, as were most former Soviet Union countries’ airliners at that time.

Moldavian Airlines Ground Handling Department offers 24 hours a wide range of ground services at International Airport Chisinau for both General Aviation and Schedule Aviation, such as:Full range of services in connection with Ramp Handling e.g: ramp supervision, aircraft marshalling, ramp to flight deck communication using headset, or standard marshaling visual signals, loading-offloading, pushback and towing, passenger stairs, comfortable apron passenger buses and crew cars, full baggage handling, GPU and ASU supply, etc. Having their own Catering Department, they are able to provide you with the best quality, and in timely manner catering services, for your passengers. Cargo and mail processing, cargo loading and off-loading, coordinating with third parties, cargo documentation, liaison with customs,warehousing and cargo storage, dangerous goods processing, export, import, tracing of lost & found cargo and mail.

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Grand Canyon Airlines.

In 1927 Parker Van Zandt set out to create a niche in aviation dedicated solely to promote man’s ability to fly with sightseeing. The Grand Canyon Air tours industry was born as was Grand Canyon Airlines.Grand Canyon Airlines is believed to be the world’s oldest, most experienced air tour company in continuous operation since 1927. Proudly owned since 1967 by Elling B. Halvorson and Family, Mr. Halvorson has been credited with truly developing and shaping the air tour industry of the Grand Canyon.Grand Canyon Airlines is believed to be the world’s oldest, most experienced air tour company in continuous operation since 1927.Grand Canyon Airlines (GCA) recognizes that there are certainly many options when purchasing a simple air tour or package for a Grand Canyon vacation.

Understand that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Park Service (NPS) work very closely together to strictly regulate air tours at the Grand Canyon, the FAA being the governing agency of the airspace. Contrary to many misconceptions, these rules and regulations make the Grand Canyon one of the safest airspaces in the United States and allow for one of the least intrusive ways to experience and view this natural wonder.The Grand Canyon is truly a magnificent, magical place and many people consider an air tour of Grand Canyon to be a “once in a lifetime experience. When looking for an air tour, they invite you to investigate and determine for yourself who should earn your business. They have spent a significant amount of time and resources in separating themselves from the others.

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