Garuda Indonesia

The history of Garuda Indonesia is intertwined with that of the nation and the struggle for independence. G aruda Indonesia’s first flight began in 1949. The first aircraft is Dakota DC-3. By the end of 1950, Garuda had 38 aircraft – 22 DC3s, eight Catalina seaplanes and eight Convair 240s. In 1953, the fleet grew to 46 with the addition of eight Convair 340s, and in 1954 fourteen De Havilland Herons were added. The Catalina flying boats were taken out of service in 1955. Garuda Indonesia commenced passenger service to Bali in 1951 using Douglas Dakota DC-3 aircraft. The first Denpasar-Sydney service on Garuda Indonesia was in 1969 using Douglas DC-8 aircraft.

Over the years, Bali has been consistently voted “The Best Island in the World”, and the airline has played an integral role in developing Bali as an international tourist destination. In 1965, Garuda Indonesia was the first airline from South East Asia to offer intercontinental jet service from Jakarta to Amsterdam via Colombo, Bombay, Rome, and Prague. The flight was operated b the technologically advanced Convair 990A aircraft. The four-engine jet was the first commercial airliner to be equipped with turbofan engines. The Convair 990A still holds the record as the world’s fastest sub-sonic civil airliner.

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Ural Airlines

Millions of citizens of Russia and abroad, who performed flights on board Ural Airlines’ aircraft, a wide geography of flights and full security assurance thereof, maintained and continuously enlarged fleet of modern aircraft, top-of-the-line pilots and high-class engineers, experienced managers and trained cabin attendants, advanced quality and full scope of services – this is a real result of our long-term work during many years for the development of transport infrastructure. Activity of Ural Airlines on the Russian transport market started in December 1993, after the official separating of Sverdlovsk Air Company into an airline and an airport. The main types of activity are: passenger and cargo air carriages, sale and booking of air tickets, aircraft repair and maintenance.

Currently, Ural Airlines is among 10 Russian leading airlines with regard to security level and volume of carriages. From the beginning and up to now the company is headed by the first-class pilot, the honoured worker of the RF transport, Expert Air Transport, Director General Serguei Nikolaevitch Skuratov. The main safety guarantee of passenger and cargo air carriage and the quality of the services provided is Ural Airlines’ personnel. Currently, more than 1 400 employees work for the Airline. The Airline’s employees are purposefully oriented to use the standards adopted by the best world airlines as criteria of professional behavior and ethics. They entrust the control wheels of our passenger aircraft only to the first-class pilots.

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Gorkha Airlines

Gorkha Airlines is a private sector airline company which was established in 1996. The airline is promoted by well known personality and leading business professionals. The airline started in 1996 with the operation of two MI-17 helicopters. It entered the fixed wing operation in 1998 with the introduction of two Dornier Do228 aircraft. The airline is currently planning to introduce two Jet stream JS32EP aircraft to add to its current fleet of two Dornier aircraft in the market. The airline is also looking to add another Dornier DO228 to its current fleet of fixed wings. Gorkha Airlines is the oldest operating private airlines in Nepal. The airline has highly experienced crews, engineers and dedicated staff. It also holds adequate stock of spare parts.

They operate Dornier 228 aircraft in our fleet. The Dornier 228 (Do228) holds an exceptional reputation for reliability, versatility, economy and ruggedness. Its performance makes it ideal not only for carrying passengers, but also for cargo. Developed in the 1980s in Germany, it is a tough STOL aircraft used both for passenger service, cargo service and other multi-purpose jobs. New Aerodynamic profile and special wing shape in Dornier-228 ensures improvement of lift/ drag ratio compared to conventional wing design and has reduced induced drag, lower structural weight and high structural strength. These improvements results in excellent take off, climb, cruise and landing characteristics. The cabin is designed rectangular in order to provide additional space for head and shoulder which simply means more comfort during passenger travel.

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Hong Kong Airlines

Established in 2001 and 2004 respectively, Hong Kong Airlines Limited and Hong Kong Express Airways Limited are both commercial airlines based in Hong Kong. With a common shareholder, the two sister airlines provide services with new Boeing 737-800 aircraft between Hong Kong and over 30 cities in Asia. To maximize resources allocation and operation efficiency, some functions of the two sister airlines are combined and under the same management team. The consolidated functions include Sales, Marketing, Administration, Check-in Services and Ground Handling. Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways have signed interline traffic agreements with airlines worldwide, please click below for the list of interline partners.

Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways have employed a fleet of all-new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, of which the average service time is one year. The B737-800s, being one of the most popular commercial jet models, feature the highest safety rating in its class along with stable flying and spacious seating. Configured into two classes, the Business Class cabin accommodates 8 passengers in a 2-2 seat design while the Economy Class cabin caters for 156 passengers in a 3-3 setting. Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways are progressively expanding the fleet with the acquisition of new aircraft of various models. As of April 2008, the fleet comprises 13 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and is expecting to reach over 20 in the near future.

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Bellview Airlines

Bellview Airlines is committed to providing Safe and Efficient Passenger Airlines services with the three SSS Principle of: SAFETY of their equipment and our esteemed Passengers , SCHEDULE that meets our passengers’ convenience , SERVICE that is customer friendly. This SSS principle makes Bellview a ‘First Choice’ within and beyond Africa, using a team of highly skilled, committed and well motivated people and also employing the most modern technology to deliver world class service to our esteemed Passengers. They operate direct flights to London (Heathrow) from Lagos and to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia from Lagos and Abuja using our modern B767-300 wide body Aircrafts.

They also fly into several countries within West and Central Africa and domestic routes within Nigeria using our B737-300 Aircrafts. Bellview airlines Cargo operations are about cargo consolidation, distribution and quality control documentation in accordance with IATA safety regulations and procedures. SAFETY AND SECURITY; The security of any consignment/cargo checked in with Bellview Airlines is of paramount importance and is treated as such. All measures shall be taken to prevent theft, pilferage or loss. The consignment shall also be prevented from being affected by weather, such as rain, sun and other things that can destroy it. Basically, all cargoes that can not meet up with the flight shall be kept in a safe place for the next flight.

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San Juan Airlines

The San Juan Airlines name has been a part of San Juan Island air service from the 1950s. Disappearing for more than 14 years, the name was brought back in February 2002. San Juan Airlines is dedicated to serving the San Juan Islands with the only scheduled air service from Anacortes and Bellingham to the islands. Their management staff has a combined 50 years of experience in the aviation industry. Our staff has been selectively chosen and has undergone far more training than your average Charter Operator. In addition to the training requirements of a Commuter Air Carrier, San Juan Airlines is held to stringent aircraft maintenance standards. Our standards of aircraft maintenance far exceed the requirements of FAA and USDOT standards.

San Juan Airlines provides aircraft inspection services at our base of operations at the Anacortes Airport – 74S. In addition to maintaining the San Juan Airlines fleet of aircraft to impeccable FAR Part 135 standards, their maintenance department provides superior service to private individuals as well as other commercial operators, – from simple repairs to major airframe and powerplant work. They offer a self-serve 24-hour facility with 100 LL available at our base of operations at the Anacortes Airport. San Juan Airlines offers freight services on our scheduled flights as well as charter flights. San Juan Airlines provides charter service to a long list of destinations throughout Western Washington and British Columbia.

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Gabon Airlines

In July 2006, a new privately owned Gabonese airline, Gabon Airlines SA, is setted up. With a 5 billion CFA Francs capital, Gabon Airlines is positioning itself like a Pan African and International airline. His development strategy is focused around customer needs and satisfaction with 3 key targets : quality, price and professionalism. Its quality of service will be recognized in various fields like customer personnalised welcome, ground and inflight products as well as efficiency and safety. The great professionalism of its teams and the strictness of its maintenance and training policies will guaranty an efficient operating. All these will go with an attractive and competitive price policy, offering an excellent price for quality delivered.

Gabon Airlines carries your baggage safely. Nevertheless, they recommend you to respect some advises. Babies (under 2 years old) do not have a booked seat and travel in their parents arms. However, for your comfort and those of your child, you can book a seat at the child rate. Gabon Airlines Cargo has launched its flights on March 1st, 2007, with scheduled flights between Libreville and Vatry (France), operated twice weekly with a DC10 freighter. In the same time, an Antonov 12 has started to fly to domestic destinations like Port Gentil or Franceville and to main sub regional cities like Brazzaville, Douala, Malabo, Pointe Noire or Sao Tom.

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Kish Airline

Kish Airline was found on Dec.16,1988. To start its passenger operations after receiving temporary operations permit, the company leased 2 aircrafts (one TU-134 and one AN-24) from bulgaria Airline on wet lease basis. Kish Air received its air operator certificate (AOC) in the year of 1990 after demonstrating its competence to Civil Aviation authorities, during its first year of operations, thus becoming the first private company to receive its AOC from Civil Aviation of IR. of Iran at this time the company began wet leasing 3 TU-154Ms from Russian leasing companies returning back the Bulgarian TU-134 and AN-24 aircraft. The company also wet leased 2 Yak-42D aircraft from Russia. Towards the end of year 1992 the company was at the verge of bankruptcy, and most of the key managers were replaced by a new professional team of managers most of which are still running the company successfully today.

In 1999 Kish Air having enough financial strengt h decided to replace its wet leased fleets with dry leased and purchased aircraft, and within one year period was able to operate 2 dry leased and on purchased TU-154 aircraft, and hire and train the required air crew and maintenance personnel. At present Kish Air is orerating a fleet of six medium range MD-83 / TU-154M and fleet of six short range Fokker F-50 on its domestic and international routes. As safety level in an airline is directly related to knowledge, experience and skill level of people who are engaged with operations, Kish air has established a training system directly under supervision of company C.E.O. to reach the training goals of the company.

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Aerogem Aviation

Welcome to the world of Aerogem, a dynamic multi-lingual aviation company operating worldwide non-scheduled cargo airline, as well as providing global flight support services. As an operator ourselves ,they take great care in ensuring that your cargo and passenger flight operatons go according to plan and with minimal hassle. They always endeavour to bring dynamism and customer perceived quality in our professional services rendered to you. It is their aim to be your preferred service provider of choice. We strive to provide very good services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Aerogem Aviation is a rapidly expanding non-scheduled worldwide cargo carrier and aviation services provider based in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Aerogem brings up new dimensions in serving corporate, charter, cargo, and non-scheduled flights around the globe.

With their highly experienced staff and the existing significant network of partners worldwide, Aerogem Aviation assures in providing top notch services to our clients getting their cargo and passenger flights to the required destinations. We will assist you achieve a smooth flight and round-the-clock services are what you can definitely expect and more. Aerogem Aviation is sincerely committed to giving it’s clients world-class quality services that will give substantial value for money. Anytime, anywhere around the world Aerogem Aviation helps clients and ensures that each and everyone of their flights is successful and safe. They are always privileged when a customer calls us again to be provided a service. They make sure that they take you through your paces and you end up with satisfaction.

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Aircalin Airlines

Created in 1983, Aircalin company is today equipped with a modern and homogenous fleet and offers over 10 direct destinations. As a French airways company, Aircalin meets the high safety standards defined by European Civil Aviation and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The choice of rationalizing the fleet with Airbuses, A330 and A320, is a plus for technical maintenance and brings greater work flexibility to our technical crews who are permanently qualified on both types of planes. With its Airbuses Aircalin operates 4 flights a week between Noumea and Tokyo, 3 weekly flights between Noumea and Osaka, 2 between Noumea and Seoul, as well as regional flights to Auckland, Brisbane, Nandi, Papeete, Port Vila, Sydney and Wallis.

Operational safety and security are Aircalin’s first priority. They are the essential elements of the standards of quality followed by the company to ensure its customers satisfaction. The aim of this service is to : Establish and animate the companys quality system respecting the current regulations , Watch the procedures compliance and correct implementation to ensure safe operational practices, airplanes airworthiness and secure maintenance practices. Conduct all the necessary inner and outer quality audits. Consistently maintain such a level of safety that ensures order in the management of airplanes used by AIRCALIN under the best possible conditions of peace and quietness for passengers.

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