Platinum Airport Services

Platinum Airport Services takes the stress out of airport check-in, long lines and heavy luggage. Their team are available to meet departing and arriving passengers and escort them through the airport.Platinum Airport Services was formed to meet the needs of business travellers who require a professional and reliable service to assist with their journey through Dublin Airport. They understand the need to provide a polished yet flexible service to adapt to the ever-changing environment that is modern airline travel, thus minimising the downtime often experienced when journeying through an airport. With their years of experience and their range of partners delivering a Platinum Servicethey know that you will be provided with superior care and attention and will want to use their service each time you pass through Dublin Airport.

They work closely with the airport authority, airlines and their partners to ensure they have up-to-date information about your flight and transport arrangements thus providing you with a less stressed journey so you can arrive fresh at your destination.Platinum Airport Services is the perfect host for Airport needs.They will meet you and greet you, guiding you with full confidence through all airport procedures. They can supply wheelchairs for special needs passengers and they would recommend that you book this service in advance. They can also provide a greeting service for student groups on their arrival or departure at Dublin Airport.

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East Anglian Air Ambulance

In 2007 they extended their service to operate a second helicopter, Anglia Two, which serves Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Anglia One now focuses on covering Norfolk and Suffolk. The EAAA works with a range of organisations in operating its service including the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and other clinical charities.The EAAA is especially needed here in East Anglia as the region covers a vast area, much of it rural. With more than 5,000 sq miles, or 11% of the total area of England, it contains some of its most isolated terrain making it sometimes difficult for land ambulances to reach the scene of accidents and emergencies quickly.

Anglia One and Anglia Two are subjected to different pressures: Norfolk and Suffolk are more rural and in the summer months with the influx of tourists the population increases by 2-3 million placing enormous pressure on their roads and infrastructure.Their service has developed at a rapid rate, so to reflect the changing environment and continue to provide the highest standards in medical provision their clinical crew are more highly skilled in order to be part of the ambulance team. This enables treatment to be given at the scene so patients benefit from on-scene stabilisation which saves more lives and spares thousands from serious long term injury.

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Pilatus Aircraf

Ever since the company was founded on 16 December 1939, the name Pilatus Aircraft has stood for Swiss quality and innovation. Pilatus has already celebrated many successes in over 65 years of operation. With dedication and ambition it has turned even difficult times into opportunities. The short Pilatus chronicle describes the major milestones in the companys history.They are the world market leader in the manufacture of single-engine turboprop aircraft and the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircraft and training systems all over the world. Their customer support is among the best in aviation and they are proud to offer this service around the globe over the lifecycle of a product.

They are also authorized to maintain and perform upgrades on a variety of aircraft.Their Vision is their customers prefer us as their competent partner, because they know and understand them.A wide range of maintenance services, from a wheel change through to complex modifications and complete refurbishments, are provided at two locations in Switzerland.Pilatus has made a worldwide name for itself as a leading manufacturer of single-engine turboprop aircraft. Its investment in advanced manufacturing technology has enabled Pilatus to competitively manufacture complex integral milled, sheet metal and composite components.Their experience and expertise guarantees the perfect solution, within required lead times and to Swiss quality standards.

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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of military and commercial helicopters; fixed-wing aircraft; spare parts and maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft; and civil helicopter operations.A passion for aviation drove immigrant Igor Sikorsky to establish The Sikorsky Manufacturing Corporation in 1925 on Long Island, New York, and the company later became The Sikorsky Aviation Corporation. Today, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. stays true to the legacy of Igor Sikorsky with a mission statement that encompasses his passion for safety and innovation: “they pioneer flight solutions that bring people home everywhere…every time.” Sikorsky helicopters have saved an estimated 2 million lives since performing the world’s first helicopter rescue in 1944.

Their service and support organization, Sikorsky Aerospace Services, provides full-spectrum service solutions to fixed and rotary wing, commercial and military customers worldwide. Their comprehensive support is designed to minimize operator downtime, improve ease of use, and reduce cost of ownership. From newly engineered logistics programs to industry-recognized maintenance, repair and overhaul services and parts requisition, Sikorsky Aerospace Services keeps you flying.Sikorsky Aerospace Services brings together OEM expertise with the unique strengths of our leading aircraft service companies to provide innovative platform solutions to meet your demanding aviation service needs.

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Air Services Inc

ASI is a well established aircraft management and charter company with a commitment to quality service, safe travel, and flexible scheduling. Since their conception in 1994 ASI has made operational excellence, superior customer service, and above standard safety their mission.They are proud of our employees and the experience they provide each and every one of their valued clients. The exposure to ASI’s unmatched effort and execution has yielded strong relationships with our customers and helped us sustain consistent growth within a highly competitive industry.As a current or prospective aircraft owner we are proud to expose you to an elite level of asset management.They look forward to the opportunity to work with you in developing an asset management program that suits your schedule, as well as your personal needs, and financial goals.

Their aircraft management program feeds directly into their Charter Fleet making ASI a large family of diversified aircraft with easy accessibility to anyone with a travel need. They oversee aircraft varying in size, speed, and seating capacity, and are confident that we can match your personal preferences for travel with an aircraft suited to meet your expectations.Their ability to meet, and exceed, your needs and expectations has helped establish ASI as a cornerstone in the aviation management industry. Through years of first class customer service, the safe operation of their aircrew, and our exceptional maintenance team they have been entrusted with the privilege of managing executive business class jet and turboprop aircraft across the United States.

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Airbus is one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, and it consistently captures approximately half or more of all orders for airliners with more than 100 seats. Airbus’ mission is to provide the aircraft best suited to the market’s needs and to support these aircraft with the highest quality of service. The Airbus product line comprises 14 aircraft models, from the 100-seat single-aisle A318 jetliner to the 525-seat A380 – which is the largest civil airliner in service. Airbus helps customers ensure the maintenance of their aircraft is as effective and cost-efficient as possible.

Customer Services provides a worldwide network of people for around-the-clock support to operators, with a key focus on safety and customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of services and solutions to optimize aircraft operation and maintenance efficiency.Airbus is committed to helping its customers get the best out of their aircraft.Experience and know-how in outsized cargo transport that comes from daily operations in an international environment.The Airbus Transport International subsidiary of Airbus operates a fleet of five A300-600ST known as Belugas – one of the worlds largest cargo carriers. T

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Smart Wings Airlines

Smart Wings is based in Prague and offers low cost flights in Europe with modern and comfortable jet aircraft. Smart Wings is owned by Travel Service, an Icelandair Group Company. Travel Service is the largest private airline company in the Czech Republic and at the same time, one of the most dynamically expanding charter carriers in Central Europe. Travel Service was established in 1996 on the cornerstones of the Governmental Air Transport Office of the Czech Republic. More than 1.8 million passengers used our services last year, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Hungary where they have subsidiaries. Travel Service is part of the Icelandair Group. Icelandair Group is a holding company with 11 independent subsidiaries, focused on the airline and tourism sectors. Icelandair Group is listed as ICEAIR on the OMX Nordic exchange.

Smart Wings wants to be the choice of European discretionary air travellers, by offering the lowest fares on each and every market they serve. Smart Wings is designed to bring passengers directly and reliably to the heart of European metropoles and still be economical. Smart Wings is a product of this concept.Too many travellers pay high fares for short inter European flights and for this reason travelling with Smart Wings is the smart thing to do. So for those who want to save on their air travel, book your next flight with us, your pocket book will be all smiles. Smart Wings is economical, reliable, and transparent.Smart Wings is your low-cost airline with an attractive location in the heart of Europe at the Prague airport. It is from here that we fly to attractive destinations all over Europe.

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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines had its humble beginning in the golden age of travel. A joint initiative of the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship of Singapore and Imperial Airways led to a proposal to the government of the Colonial Straits Settlement to run an air service between Penang and Singapore. The result was the incorporation of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) on 12 October 1937. On 2 April 1947, MAL took to the skies with its first commercial flight as the national airline. Fuelled by a young and dynamic team of visionaries, the domestic carrier turned into an international airline in less than a decade.The airline holds a lengthy record of service and best practices excellence, having received more than 100 awards in the last 10 years.

They provide the right support for your needs; whether it be group travel and cargo arrangements, aircraft maintenance or personnel training.MASkargo has established itself as Malaysia’s premier air cargo transportation company. In this section you can find out how they started their operations, the dedicated and experienced people behind the company and other interesting facts.The place where their award-winning services start, their hi-tech facility serves both as a training ground for their employees and also for many other organisations and individuals in airline operations and other related sectors.Their hallmark has always been about people satisfaction their clients, customers and their staff.

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Ukraine International Airlines

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) primary business is providing passenger and cargo transportation. Over the years since its creation UIA has satisfied all of the goals set out in its Foundation documents: creating a high quality competitive international Ukrainian airline; expanding and integrating Ukraines aviation industry worldwide; introducing the best technology and management methods; attracting foreign investment and earning profits.UIA offers more European direct services from Ukraine than any other airline, operating 300 scheduled flights per week with onward connections across the globe. Airlines passenger traffic is growing steadily by over 25% per annum. Ukraine International cooperates with airlines worldwide on the basis of 126 interline agreements.Safety is the absolute priority for UIA. Ukraine International is the first airline in CIS that was registered in IOSA register the single international quality certificate issued by special IATA program.

UIA transports cargo on all its scheduled flights and provides fast and safe carriage of different cargo types: perishable, fragile, valuable, dangerous goods, as well as heavy and oversized freight, diplomatic mail and live animals.Working partnership with other airlines allows UIA to extend the network to arrange cargo transportation to/from Ukraine to/from any airport worldwide.The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Programme is an internationally recognised and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA uses internationally recognised quality audit principles, and is designed so that audits are conducted in a standardised and consistent manner.Make Ukraine International Airlines your first choice for business travel to Ukraine and enjoy a wide range of the special benefits including special discounts, which are available on-line with e-voucher.Trheir locally based corporate sales team will work closely with your company to develop the fare structure that will have significant benefits for your corporation.

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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines was founded under law no. 2186 in ANKARA under the name”STATE AIRLINES ADMINISTRATION” as a department of Ministry of Defence.Their Mission is To become a preferred leading European air carrier with global network coverage thanks to its strict compliance with flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality and competitiveness while maintaining its identity of the flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey in the civil air transportation industry.Their Vision is a continued growth trend over industry average,zero major accidents/crashes,most envied service mindedness worldwide,a personnel constantly developing their qualifications with the awareness of the close relation between the benefits from the company and the value added they contribute.The main goal of this site is to inform our customers of the flight safety concept and safety activities of Turkish Airlines.

The subjects that affect flight safety, either directly or directly, such as carriage of PED (Portable Electronic Devices), Dangerous Goods, Pets, Children Travellers, Pregnant Passengers, Disabled/Sick Passengers are explained under the headline “SERVICES”.Air travel is the worlds most comfortable form of travel for many reasons. But to make this comfort regular and continuous, they have some instructions you need to follow. There are so many different needs.TURKISH CARGO being fully aware that within the highly competitive aviation sector success is only possible through providing quality service has the mission of providing fast, reliable and high quality air cargo service meeting customer demands with the vision of becoming the most preferred air cargo carrier at every location where TURKISH CARGO flies.Technical Training Management as a part of the Turkish Airlines (THY) Academy is located at the third floor of THYs new hangar at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, provides services with the principle of meeting the demand of its sector with the world class quality.

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