Servair is the leading French company of airline pursers (providing restaurant services, equipping, cleaning). Ranked No. 3 in the world with its partners and subsidiaries, SERVAIR proposes a full range of indispensable services to airlines for air transport and passenger comfort. Its demands in terms of quality and know-how have resulted in SERVAIR benefiting from a power of proposal to its 130 customer companies in order to improve their commercial offer to their passengers while scrupulously respecting air transport constraints.

A subsidiary of Air France, SERVAIR and its subsidiaries have 34 units and realise a turnover of 747 million euros.With its 9,600 employees, SERVAIR combines industrial logistics with a concern for fine cooking and passenger comfort. The SERVAIR network, composed of SERVAIR, its partners (KCS, FLYING FOOD GROUP, SERVAIR AIR CHEF and NEWREST SERVAIR) and its technical support, has more than 60 units throughout the world. This strategy of alliances enables it to build up a worldwide network respecting specific local requirements and the personality of each company.

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SpiceJet Airlines

SpiceJets mission is to become Indias preferred low-cost airline, delivering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value, to price sensitive consumers. We hope to fulfill everyones dream of flying!

With India’s economic and business growth, the percentage of traveling population is burgeoning. More and more Indians are traveling for both business and pleasure and everyone needs to save both time and money. SpiceJet’s vision is to adress that and ensure that flying is for everyone.

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This site has been in operation since 3 July 1996, just two weeks before the crash of TWA Flight 800. Since its inception, the goals of have been to provide the aviation safety community and the general public with factual and timely information on events that involve the deaths of airline passengers. also provides fatal event information by airline and aircraft model, as well as information about current aviation safety issues.

In addition to airline safety, provides a range of information and resources, including information on fear of flying, aviation-related books, and links to numerous travel and travel-safety oriented sites. The site includes an extensive collection of fatal event records from over 100 airlines. The site’s search engine allows access to the growing number of safety-related subjects on the site.

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Skymaster Airline Management

Skymaster Airlines Management is a multi purpose Aviation Service Company that fills in a gap in the market that has been left between Airlines and General Sales Agents The main purpose of the company is to represent and support scheduled as well as non-scheduled airlines in both the passenger and cargo markets in Europe as well as to develop global charter operations.

Its company has been well established in the field of representing high profile airlines, with coverage of all segments of the market. Skymaster has taken a different approach to effectively representing airlines. Since most of the management and staff originate from Airlines it has at all times set-up its structure from an Airline perspective and considers ourselves an extension of the airlines we represent. Throughout its offices Skymaster’s professional staffs are trained to meet the very high expectations of its customers.

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The Air Line Pilots Association

The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) is the largest airline pilot union in the world and represents nearly 52,500 pilots at 36 U.S. and Canadian airlines. Founded in 1931, the Association is chartered by the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labour Congress. Known internationally as US-ALPA, it is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilot Associations.

At all levels of ALPA, pilots make decisions through the democratic process. All decisions start with our pilot groups. Each pilot group consists of all the pilots at a given airline. Pilot groups exercise considerable autonomy in governing their own internal affairs, such as negotiating contracts, enforcing those contracts, and discussing issues of concern with their companies.

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PREGEM Airline Solutions

PREGEM Airline Solutions specializes in solutions for the Travel and Transportation industry and other sectors where secure information capture, e-document delivery and scalable content management are prerequisites.

PREGEM’s ARIES portfolio for airlines covers a broad spectrum of solutions which includes Business Intelligence for Marketing and Revenue Management, Branded Document Distribution for ticketless travel confirmations, e-tickets and e-boarding cards, Revenue Accounting information capture and Paperless Interline Billing for both e-ticket and paper lifts. In addition PREGEM, together with its partners, has a range of solutions which address API data capture and Travel Document Verification.

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has been in the cargo business for over 50 years, since it first flew the Airspeed Consuls in 1947. In July 1992, a fully-fledged Cargo division was formed to devote even more attention to the cargo business. As a further step in its evolution it was formed as an independently managed subsidiary of Singapore Airlines on the 1st July 2001. This will bring about greater management accountability and provide even greater motivation for its people to provide solutions to best meet your air freight requirements.

At Singapore Airlines Cargo, it place great emphasis on delivering high standards of service to its customers. It is proud that SIA Cargo was awarded the “Award for Excellence” consecutively in 2007 and 2008 in the Air Carrier category, which was awarded by Air Cargo World. In 2007, SIA Cargo was bestowed the “Best Carrier to Far East” and “Best Carrier to Australasian” in the Air Cargo News Awards. SIA Cargo won the “Top Airline for Outstanding Service” award in the Federation of Asia-Pacific Aircargo Association Awards and also won the “Top 10 Airlines by Cargo Carriage” award for the second year in succession by CAAS.

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Orient Thai Airlines

Orient Thai Airlines Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Orient Thai Airlines’s reputation started in 1994 with a fleet of 4 Lockheed L1011 Tristar Aircraft an aircraft sizably similar to the 747 Jumbo Jet. In 2000, Orient Thai realized the need for a more modern fleet to reduce operational costs and thus replaced the aging Lockheed L1011 Tristar fleet with newer and more efficient Boeing 747’s that boasts improved operational capacity and range. Ever since 2000, it has been adding more and more 747’s to its fleet and recently Orient Thai has acquired the first all cargo aircraft in Thailand.

Orient Thai Airlines’s air charter service is one of the best and most reputable in the region. Its dynamic fleet, experienced pilot and crew together with its years of experience serving numerous clients across various industries and regions make us an ideal and flexible provider to your charter needs.

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Capital Cargo International Airlines

Capital Cargo International Airlines is an F.A.R. 121 Supplemental Air Carrier based in Orlando, Florida. We are an ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider of airport-to-airport freight transportation services to domestic and international clients who utilize our services rather than expanding their own aircraft fleet, as well as other non asset based freight companies who utilize our services rather than entering the airline business.

Capital Cargo’s focus is to remain highly service oriented and capable of adapting quickly to the needs of its customers. This operational characteristic allows us to deploy our crews and aircraft within a few hours, enabling us to be highly responsive to schedule changes, changing freight load levels, and routing demands.

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Sierra West Airlines

Sierra West Airlines it pride itselves on its customer service and its dedication to meeting your specific needs. It has designed its operation around you, the customer, so that it may provide every aspect of your traveling and shipping requirements. Because it has been servicing the aviation community for over 30 years, it truly understand what it takes to make a difference and get your job done.

After it dispatched an aircraft for you, its specialists will follow your aircraft until it arrives at it’s destination. This allows the customer minute to minute updates for those time critical deliveries. It encourage you to communicate with its dispatch team so that it may provide convenient travel information. It has a dedicated flight crew for each and every aircraft it operate.

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