SOSOLISO LIMITED the sole operator of SOSOLISO AIRLINES was established in 1994 as a wholly Nigerian owned company.
SOSOLISO AIRLINES commenced scheduled flights as a domestic airline on July 26, 2000 with a Boeing 727 in technical partnership with JAT-Yugoslav National Airlines. Today, the airline has carved a niche for itself as the major airline in the Nigerian Aviation Market.Sosoliso airlines is one the fastest growing domestic airlines in Nigeria. They can now take you to six cities in Nigeria.Sosoliso airlines is all about bringing people together, offering greater diversity and more development.

SOSOLISO AIRLINES VISION is To be the leading professionally run air transport company with a key focus on safety, customer service and an employer of choice. SOSOLISO AIRLINES MISSION is To provide safe and efficient operations, set industry standards, provide excellent customer service using a well trained and highly motivated workforce.The travel industry is very competitive and they have certainly had their share of challenges over the years.They believe they now have a firm strategy in a place that gives us good cause for optimism going forward. Their site contains detailed information about Sosoliso. As they grow and expand their business, they look forward to you being part of their future success”.

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Cargolux is one of the leading cargo airlines worldwide, operating scheduled and charter services on a network covering all continents. The company offers almost 40 years of experience and, measured in tonne-kilometers flown, today ranks in 9th position worldwide. In Europe, Cargolux is the largest all-cargo airline.Cargolux is an integrated transportation company, operating exclusively for freight forwarders. They use a fleet of 16 B747-400 freighter aircraft and 20 trucking contractors to move valuable and time-sensitive commodities on their worldwide network, covering over 90 destinations.

Flexibility is one of Cargoluxs strongest assets and they successfully build on long-term cooperation with their customers and well as other airlines in key markets. “At Cargolux, they continue to adapt their structures to grow in line with the global air freight market”, says Cargolux President and CEO, Ulrich Ogiermann. “They continue to accompany their customers on potential growth markets and reinforce their position at the crossroads of the major trade flows worldwide”.Cargolux is a privately owned airline that has managed to remain profitable and to continue growing even in difficult economic times.

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WestWind Airlines

The August 1998 issue of Full Throttle contained an article entitled “Virtual Airlines 101: A Crash Course” written by WestWind’s Sean “Crash” Reilly. It detailed what a virtual airline is, how one operates, what to look for in choosing a VA to fly for, etc. The article contained several screen shots from this web site plus graphics of their aircraft!WestWind Airlines exists in the hearts and minds of its employees, and on this site on the Internet. It is not a game, but an opportunity to become a Professional Airline Pilot.They have a widely varied fleet of aircraft, a group of dedicated managers and a large number of pilots who are serious about being a professional Virtual Airline pilots.

All WestWind Hubs are state-of-the-art operations, structured to maximize pilots’ flying time by minimizing their “paper work” time. This structure grants each pilot maximized route flexibility, best tailored to their non-virtual schedules.WestWind has a realistic advancement system in which new pilots start out flying short routes in regional jets, advancing to larger jet aircraft as they build flight time and complete transitional training.WestWind management is proud to announce that it is a supporter of GAAR 2009. GAAR stands for Great Australian Air Rally. This year’s event is 19 legs and will be flown during the month of February.

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Corporate Express Airlines

Corporate Express Airlines operates out of its own private flight centre in Calgary. They have the ability to fly their customers where they need to go without the hassle of using the main terminals. The easy access of their flight centre allows their customers to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to departure. This translates into huge time savings for their customers. Most commercial airlines recommend their customers arrive two hours prior to departure. When flying with Corporate Express Airlines they offer their customers an in-flight meal, free parking and complementary drinks. Having a private flight centre and offering their quality in-flight service enables us to give their customers the experience and ease of corporate aviation.Amazingly, they offer all this at the cost of regular fares.

Corporate Express meets the most stringent standards and requirements for commercial and corporate aviation. All pilots and technicians have exceptional experience and ratings qualifications. Fully staffed, they employ two-pilot crews on all our flights. Also, they ensure strict enforcement of the policies and procedures of both public and privately owned business operations. Corporate Express can service your needs immediately anywhere you need to travel in Alberta or any other Canadian destination, Corporate Express will make your trip enjoyable and comfortable and one to remembe.Corporate Express operates their own aircraft, pilots, plus ground and maintenance team. They monitor all flight systems to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and dependability.

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Royal Brunei Airlines,

Royal Brunei Airlines, the countrys flag carrier, was established on 18 November 1974 as an independent corporation wholly owned by the government of Brunei Darussalam.The airlines chairman is Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Dewa Dato Seri Setia Lim Jock Seng, Minister of Foreign Affairs Two at the Brunei Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Acting Chief Executive Officer is Pengiran Haji Alihashim Pengiran Haji Yussof while other Brunei citizens hold the senior management posts within the departments of Aircraft Operations, Commercial, Corporate Services, Finance & MIS and Engineering.Royal Skies, the airlines frequent flyer programme launched in May 2003, sets itself apart from other loyalty programmes with its straightforward simplicity and generosity in accrual of miles and redeeming rewards. Royal Skies members are able to enjoy their rewards much quicker as redemption begins from as low as just 5,000 miles.

Passengers with special needs will be given special attention throughout their journey. Passengers are asked to make their request for Special Services at the time of reservations.Their staff will provide assistance to passengers under the age of 15 who will be travelling alone. This should be requested while making the flight booking.Royal Brunei Airlines currently offers passengers the speed and convenience of Electronic Ticketing (E-Ticketing) on most of its destinations.E-Ticketing provides customers with greater flexibility, efficiency in booking and is safe. When a booking is confirmed, all travel details will be stored in the airline’s reservation system. As data is stored electronically, customers need not worry about losing their itineraries, which can be re-printed. Customers who book online will have access to their itinerary at the time of booking. Upon check-in, passengers only need to present their passport and the itinerary to collect their boarding passes.

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Cyprus Turkish Airlines

Cyprus Turkish Airlines was established on 4th December 1974 with an equal partnership of the Cyprus Turkish Society Assembly Consolidated Development Fund and Turkish Airlines Anonymous Partnership.The mission of CTA is to offer travel and transport services under the TRNCs flag in accordance with the aims below Meeting the travel needs of the citizens of North Cyprus, taking them to other countries by air.Organising chartered and scheduled to and from Cyprus to there by stimulate the economy, particularly relating to tourism, of the TRNC.CTA is established in Nicosia on 4th December as an equal partnership between Turkish Airlines and Cyprus Turkish Society Assembly Consolidated Development Fund.

CTA strongly supports a healthy and secure environment for those working for the organisation as well as for partners, customers and all other stakeholders.All personnel are responsible for enhancing this healthy and secure environment.CTA asserts that quality is part of the management system, and within the remit of management.Their training programmes are divided in two Training in the air and Training on the ground. Cockpit, cabin and dispatch training which is done in-company is planned and put into practice by the Presidency of Flight Training and Standards. It applies the logic of maximising the use of all learning tools, and enabling the cockpit and cabin crew to work in the most productive way in accordance with the zero-mistakes principle.

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Air North, Yukon’s Airline

Air North, Yukon’s Airline is a regionally based carrier providing service within the Yukon and between the Yukon and British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Alaska. Like their northern counterparts, Canadian North Airlines and First Air, they have a First Nations ownership component and they provide service from our territorial region to southern gateways. They are headquartered in the Yukon and they have most of their infrastructure, mobile assets, and their employees based here as well.Scheduled services from and to the Yukon as well as within the Yukon are the mainstay of their business with cargo being an essential component of their scheduled route traffic.Charter flying makes an important contribution to their operation in that it provides valuable incremental aircraft utilization and revenue.

Air North, Yukon’s Airline has been taking people to great destinations in the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Alaska for over 30 years. They are completely dedicated to the provision of reliable business services and understand the importance that travellers place on air travel that is safe, convenient and affordable.They pride themselves in being able to offer our travellers the chance to experience Yukon hospitality from the first time they greet them at the check-in counter to when they arrive at their final destination.Yukon hospitality is nothing more than sincere, friendly, honest and caring service where people go the extra step to help you make your experience more enjoyable.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a worldwide company based in the Netherlands. Since their merger in 2004, KLM works closely with Air France within the AIR FRANCE KLM holding company.In terms of financial turnover, AIR FRANCE KLM is the world’s largest airline partnership; it also transports the most passengers and is the world’s second-largest cargo transporter.AIR FRANCE KLM’s strategy can be expressed in a single expression: One Group, Two Airlines, Three Core Activities. It indicates that KLM maintains its own company identity within the international airline industry. It means that KLM can give substance to its business activities as it sees fit, as long as they are attuned with those of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group as a whole.

KLM’s core businesses are passenger transport, cargo shipment, and aircraft maintenance.KLM and Air France each have their own networks. Together they maintain a worldwide network of flight connections based on what they call their Dual-Hub Strategy.KLM’s strategic aim is to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. KLM is well aware that sustainable business practice is a prerequisite to gaining public support toward achieving its aims. For this reason, it works to achieve profitable growth that contributes to its own corporate aims as well as to economic and social development in the Netherlands.Together with Air France, KLM wants to achieve this growth by further developing its core activities in the most attractive markets, by working more closely with its fellow SkyTeam members, and by continuing to reduce costs.

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