Spanair S.A

Spanair S.A., a Spanish airline was founded in December of 1986. Spanair began operations with its international charter flights at the end of March 1988, carrying tourists to Spain from more than 100 European airports. Since then more than 104* million passengers have flown with Spanair. In February of 1994 Spanair began its domestic scheduled operation within Spain, while at the same time establishing its ground personnel service system. At present, 87% of the companys flights are scheduled, while the remaining 13% are split between Charter and other operations.

In November of 1997 Spanair began its first scheduled flights to intercontinental markets with service between Madrid and Dulles international airport in Washington. This was followed by flights from Madrid to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Havana, which have led to code share agreements with many prestigious airlines. On March 2002 Spanair becomes a member of the SAS Group. Since April 1st 2003, Spanair, is a member of the Star Alliance network, the biggest and most successful airline alliance in the world. Since the 10th of March 2008, in order to increase its flexibility, Spanair launched its Spanairx4 product, which gives customers flying its domestic routes the option of choosing between four different flight classes: Business, Avant, Economy Plus and Economy.

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euroAtlantic is specialized in aircraft leasing for other airlines and aircraft charter solutions for travel operators and aviation support services. They will promptly analyze any ACMI Wet lease or aircraft charter request and will always do our very best to provide Clients with the best solutions for their needs. Their mission is to become the worldwide first choice for airlines needing additional operational capacity, while continually striving for efficiency, safety, high quality and the best trained staff in the business. euroAtlantic was founded by Tomaz Metello, actual CEO and major shareholder, and is also participated by the largest portuguese leisure corporation, Pestana Hotels & Resorts.

euroAtlantic airways is a Portuguese registered non-scheduled International Airline, operating in the most diverse routes in North Atlantic (USA and Canada), Caribbean, Central and South Americas, Africa, Middle East, Pacific, Australia and Oceania. What differentiates euroAtlantic from its competitors in the aircraft leasing and aircraft charter business is euroAtlantic’s goal to always do their utmost to provide their Clients around-the-world with the best tools for their successful operations in terms of well maintained aircraft, highly professional and caring staff, on-time services. It’s never too much to stress that they at euroAtlantic realize that their success stems unequivocally from their Customer’s success, therefore they are totally dedicated to their Clients’ successful venture.

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Kam Air

Kam Air was the first private commercial airline in Afghanistan established in 2003 by Mr. Zamari Kamgar. Kam Air was registered with ICAO under three letter designator code KMF and with IATA under under the two letter code RQ and three digit ticketing code 384. The first flight of Kam Air was operated from Kabul to Heart and Mazar-e-Sharif on November 08, 2003 with a Boeing 727-200 and the first international flight was operated on May 17, 2004 between Kabul and Dubai. The second international flight was between Kabul and Istanbul in July, 2004. The airline several domestic airports such as Jalalabad, Kunduz, Faizabad, Maimana, Mazar-e-Sharif and Heart.

Today Kam Air is serving more than 5 international routes and 5 domestic routes with 6 aircraft and 350 employees. The mainstay of their fleet is the Boeing 737, undoubtedly the most successful and most widely used jet airliner ever introduced. They currently employ a total of five 737s on our scheduled services from Kabul to Herat, Dushanbe, New Delhi, Alamty and Mashad. All are maintained in strict accordance with Boeing’s specifications and will remain the backbone of their operations for the foreseeable future. New to their fleet and introduced specifically for their Kabul to Dubai route is the Boeing 767. Wide-bodied, modern and luxurious, the 767 is not only a step forward in terms of comfort for their guests, its enhanced fuel economy and reduced noise also make it a boon to the environment.

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Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles is the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles. Air Seychelles was officially created in 1978 as a domestic airline. International flights started in 1983 with a first weekly flight to Europe: Seychelles – Frankfurt – London. During the twenty years that have passed since the first service in 1983 Air Seychelles became a well-established international airline with one of the youngest fleet in the Indian Ocean, operating to 9 destinations on three continents. The Boeing 767, a twin jet engine half way between the size of a 757 and a 747, is used for the international long-distance flights of Air Seychelles.

The main features of this plane are a spacious and comfortable layout, economical fuel consumption and operational flexibility, low noise level, ultra-modern technology and digital avionics. 2 Boeing 767-300ER (247 passengers) operating the European routes London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Frankfurt and Zurich. 2 Boeing 767-200 (222 passengers) operating the regional Indian Ocean routes: Mauritius, Johannesburg, Singapore and as well as Moscow. For its inter-island flights, Air Seychelles uses several twin-engine turboprops, which are highly suitable for short and frequent runs. The weight of the luggage should not exceed 23 kg per person in economy class for all European gateways and 20kg on all regional sectors. Pearl class allowance is 30 kg on all sectors.

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Kenya Airways

COYA (Company of the Year) top awards for strategic planning and emergency preparedness as well as Manager of the Year to HR Director Paul Kasimu. Kenya Airways awarded a 2 year renewal on its IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) registration. Kenya Airways voted East Africa ‘s Most Respected Company for the second year running , Kenya Airways acquires 49% shareholding in Precision Air, a Tanzanian carrier. Voted Best User of Information Technology in Kenya by the Computer Society of Kenya . Kenya Airways is established in February following the break up of the East African Community and subsequent disbanding of the jointly-owned East African Airways.

Their Vision is “To Consistently be a Safe & Profitable Airline that Guarantees World Class Service.” Their Goals are To achieve world class standards in service delivery, product quality and operational performance. To be the Airline of choice in Africa . To develop JKIA as a premier hub in Africa , To pursue a business model that will deliver consistent level of profitability. In summary their actions, their behaviour and their attitude at work will be driven by safety, customer satisfaction and quality considerations. Their people are their greatest asset and focus on their development and the way they are both managed an organized out to ensure they attract and retain the best and that they are equipped to serve their customers in line with their being a world class standard airline.

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Air Macau

Air Macau was established on 13 September 1994. Its commercial inauguration was on 09 November 1995. Air Macau is a regional company based in Macau. At the moment, our destinations include Beijing, Chengdu, Guilin, Nanjing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Nanning, Osaka, Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Osaka, Kaohsiung and Taipei. In the fleet of Air Macau, there are 7 Airbus A321, 2 Airbus A320, 5 Airbus A319, 2 A300B4F freighters. There are 939 staffs in Air Macau on 30 Sept. 2009. Others come from 36 countries and regions from all over the world. The average age of our staff is 28 years old. Since its inception, the unique product of ONE PLANE SERVICE ACROSS THE STRAIT by Air Macau has been playing a vital and significantly important role in the air transportation of passengers across the Taiwan Strait.

Air Macau launches its new Privileges mileage frequent flyer program/the privileges to recognize and reward its most loyalty passengers from February 1st, 2005, the Privileges offers passengers the most generous redemption scheme of any frequent flyer program in Asia, allowing loyalty passengers to redeem free tickets as well as upgrading quickly and efficiently. Air Macau’s logo is a fusion of a lotus, the symbol of Macau and a dove, the symbol for international peace. The high flying dove represents our vision of the highest standard of safety, reliability and quality services. Our ambition is to become a preferred airline of highest quality standard on which passengers can rely to fly safely, peacefully and comfortably.

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Front Range Helicopters

Front Range Helicopters offers helicopter flight training and commercial helicopter services for a broad range of clients. Whether you are interested in becoming a helicopter pilot, need a birds eye view of a potential development, or simply want to enjoy a helicopter ride around the scenic Front Range of Colorado, Front Range Helicopters will meet your needs. Based just north of Denver at the Fort Collins/Loveland Airport (KFNL) in Loveland, Colorado, their operation is central to the Northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Their close proximity to both the Denver Metro area and Wyoming makes Front Range Helicopters a convenient choice for flight training and commercial helicopter operations.

Helicopter flight training students will find that Northern Colorado provides excellent weather for flying and ideal conditions for mountain and high altitude training. In contrast to sea-level flight training, students who complete their Helicopter Pilot Training program will have a more complete range of skills to fly in varied environments. They even offer an accredited Professional Helicopter Pilot Degree through Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. Front Range Helicopters is the premier choice for helicopter flight training. Why? Excellence, Experience, and Dedication with a proven program.

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Calm Air

From fishing camp to Central Canadas regional airline! The Calm Air story begins in the 1950s with the Companys founders, Arnold and Gail Morberg, building a fishing camp on Black Lake, Saskatchewan. Recognizing the importance of reliable air service to their camp and guests, Arnold earned his pilots license and purchased a small single-engine float plane. By 1962, Calm Air had a charter license at nearby Stony Rapids and the Company moved not only guests and supplies to Morbergs Camps but served the communities needs as well. (It is interesting to note that the company derived its name from the initials of Arnolds full name, Carl Arnold Lawrence Morberg).

In 1969, Arnold and Gail bought Fred Chupkas Northern Manitoba airline operation based in Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Soon after, Calm Air began scheduled Twin Otter passenger service throughout the area. Lynn Lake would become home base for both the Morbergs and their Company over the next sixteen years, as Arnold and Gail raised their four children and expanded their business. The 70s saw construction of the new hydro-electric power facilities and mining exploration, creating the opportunity for rapid growth in Northern Manitoba and for Calm Air.

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Emblem Aviation

Nestled in the Wind River Range between Jackson and Rock Springs, their full-service FBO promises to exceed their Guests’ expectations. Here you will find that our airport is well positioned as a favorable alternative to neighboring Wyoming airports, as well as the high congestion experienced at Jackson Hole. At Emblem, their Guests will always be their first priority. They continually strive to render more and better service than is expected of us, and pride themselves on their integrity, professionalism, safety, and dedication to Guest service.

Their crew members are encouraged to find ways to accommodate Guest requests and to go to the next level if a solution is not readily apparent. Their professional and courteous fuel and line personnel are trained to the highest safety standards to ensure you receive the best possible service and proper care of your aircraft. Emblem Aviation offers a wide range of services and amenities, providing both value and convenience to their guests. Their friendly and helpful Crew Members are ready to accommodate any request.

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M&N Aviation

The mission of M&N Aviation is to provide presidential quality, safety, service and support in travel for their clients. The foremost in aviation technology, performance and style allows M & N Aviation to provide you unrivaled jet charter service. M & N Aviation is a first class air charter service for all your traveling needs. Their hangars are state-of-the-art facilities centrally located at Centennial Airport in Denver, Colorado and Natrona County International Airport in Casper, Wyoming, although their client base is nationwide. They have 5 dedicated private jets that fly all across the globe to serve their customers with their specific travel requirements.

So whether you need a fast, long distance, luxury plane for your family vacation or a cost effective flight into the oil field and back out without missing a day of work traveling, they are the company that can get you there. The personal attention that M & N provides to their clientele is evident throughout the travel experience. They pride themselves on their full service travel operation, allowing you to simply tell them about your trip needs and desires. They then turn those criteria into a seamless, effortless, first-class travel experience. As soon as you step into an aircraft within M & N Aviations fleet, you will know that you have entered a new level of charter service travel.

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