World Airways

They are proud of their accomplishments in a very competitive industry. Operating around the world, in every time zone, World Airways carries both passengers and cargo with our fleet of wide-body MD-11, DC-10 and B747 aircraft. They offer customers a high level of flexibility, based on a record of safety and reliability. They fly to an average of 140 airports in 50 countries in any given year, and they are the largest commercial carrier of U.S. military personnel. Since 1948, World Airways has an interesting past and a promising future, always striving to deliver A Standard of Excellence A World of Difference. World Airways, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., is a U.S. certificated air carrier established in 1948. For 60 years, World Airways has been a global provider of long-range passenger and cargo air transportation services to the U.S.

The company’s mission is to provide specialized air transportation solutions through innovative people committed to delivering the highest levels of safety, reliability, customer satisfaction and shareholder value. With over half a century of global operating experience, World Airways is a leader in customizing passenger programs that are optimally suited to fit your needs. World Airways is the choice for large group charter travel utilizing MD-11s with true wide body comfort that can be configured in one, two or three class cabin layouts. Your group will travel together in comfort with no connections required. World Airways is a US flag carrier with worldwide operating authority having served major customers including tour operators, governments, private charters and major airlines in both an ACMI and full service capacity for over 59 years.

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Springs Aviation

Springs Aviation provides new students with a Program to learn how to fly.They have a fleet of fixed wing aircraft to provide training for Private Pilot, Commercial Rating, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructors, Certified Flight Instructors Instrument, Multi-Engine Add-On and ATP Certification. Currently they have a multitude of Instructors including new CFIs trained at our school and instructors with thousands of hours of flying experience. Springs Aviation has the only formal on-going Private Pilot Ground School, a six week course that covers all areas of the academics required to pass the F.A.A. written exam. In addition, Springs Aviation offers specialty ground school sessions such as Mountain Flying Course, Tail Dragger Seminars and other lectures suggested or requested from their renters and students. They are also an approved F.A.A. Testing Center for all F.A.A. Tests through Lasergrade.

Springs Aviation provides financing options and educational referrals for those looking for a career in Aviation.Their pay as you go plan allows the student to develop their own schedule depending on their economic and time requirements. Students and Renters also have the luxury of using their on-line scheduler which allows the customers to book their instructors and aircraft at their leisure. In addition, their Online Chat Room makes it easy for students and renters to find flying buddies, study partners, used study guides, notices of events, TFRs, ask questions to others and instructors and the ability to share their experiences with other pilots and students. They at Springs Aviation are committed to providing the best possible education for their students while continually looking for ways to improve our curriculum and listening to the needs of their customers.

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Thunderbird Aviation

Thunderbird Aviation has been the Upper Midwest’s leader in General Aviation since 1962. Please read about the History of Thunderbird Aviation. Thunderbird offers full FBO services including aircraft maintenance, the state largest flight training fleet, aircraft fuel, on-demand charter, pilot shop, aircraft parts, new Tecnam aircraft sales and service, and preowned aircraft sales and brokerage. They are located at Minnesota’s Flying Cloud (KFCM) and Crystal (KMIC) airports. Their FBO services make your experience at Thunderbird Aviation the best possible. They offer aircraft fueling, with quality full-service fuels and products at competitive prices. Thunderbird Aviation – Crystal offers points to Avtrip members.

Thunderbird Aviation owns and maintains the largest fleet of aircraft for instruction and rental in the state. Many of their aircraft have state-of-the-art avionics, color moving map GPS units, and satellite weather uplink. Thunderbird Aviation has designed these popular air tours for your enjoyment all year-round. Photo flights and Charter Services are also available. Thunderbird Aviation is recognized as the Upper Midwest’s leader in piston engine maintenance. From oil changes and annual inspections, to engine overhauls, and everything in between, they have you covered.

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Based in McMinnville, Oregon, Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. is a privately held global aviation services company that is active through several subsidiary companies. These subsidiaries operate under the Evergreen name and provide services that include: Global air cargo transportation & charter services for major airlines and freight forwarders.Specialized helicopter aviation services Complete helicopter component repair and overhaul.Evergreen is recognized as a world leader in air freight and aviation services with a broad base of customers including other air carriers, aviation companies and governmental agencies. Many successful operations integrating these sister companies have resulted in a reputation for superb service, reliability and agility.

Evergreen International Airlines has been performing passenger and cargo service around the globe for more than 40 years. Worldwide operating authority, a network of global offices and affiliations allow Evergreen to handle any customer requirements. EIAs fleet consists of both nose and side door loading Boeing 747Fs. With nearly a half million hours of Boeing 747 experience, EIA has established a reputation as a leading full service cargo operator with a performance record second to none. At Evergreen, we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill any customer requirement. They offer a wide variety of transportation solutions; ad hoc, long term, ACMI, less than planeload, military and NGO airlift support and are able to provide the resources to support any special project needs.

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These are five partner airlines under one roof. Together they are a strong co-operation offering a comprehensive and high-quality product of direct and connecting flights in the regional segment. Together with Air Dolomiti, Augsburg Airways, Contact Air and Lufthansa CityLine, Eurowings takes the worldwide network of Lufthansa and Star Alliance directly to your doorstep. Through the co-operation Lufthansa Regional, Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG, on behalf of Lufthansa, provides many connections from the global network of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and the partners in the Star Alliance co-operation. Effective 1st January 2009, Eurowings and its subsidiary Germanwings go their separate ways: Eurowings sells its 100-percent stake in the successful low-cost carrier to Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

At present, Eurowings operates a modern fleet of 34 short and medium-range aircraft within the flight schedule of Lufthansa and on chartered flights. There are many things to consider prior to your flight, so they have tried to answer frequently asked questions. You can find everything that is important in connection with your journey under the opposite link. In addition to the tickets, you also need personal documents which you should have ready, e,g., if you travel abroad. A child traveling alone must be registered when the flight is booked. The registration is then confirmed or rejected. It can be rejected if the maximum number of children allowed to travel alone on board of a certain aircraft is exceeded.

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BAeHAL Software Ltd.

BAeHAL Software Ltd. is a joint venture company of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the largest manufacturer of aircrafts in Asia and BAE Systems, UK, one of the largest Aerospace and Defence companies in the world. BAeHAL was set up with the objective of providing flexible, high quality and cost effective software solutions and services to its customers both onsite and offshore. By combining domain expertise with core competency of software engineering they provide world-class software services to their customers globally. Through strong relationships, innovation and their integrated offshore/onsite delivery capability, they drive long-term cost reductions, performance improvements and create new ways of working tailored to each client.

Their Vision is To be a world-class company in providing high technology and quality software solutions and services for global business needs in Aerospace, Defence and other chosen areas”. Their Mission is “To achieve these objectives by providing solutions and services meeting customer needs, value for employees and satisfaction to shareholders, vendors and for the society at large”. BAeHAL has expertise in Safety and Mission-Critical full life cycle software development including design, development, testing, integration and Independent Verification & Validation for various aerospace and defence applications. BAeHAL processes are dynamic and are continually reviewed and aligned with ever-changing business and technology environment. The processes support a variety of software development lifecycle models.

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Million Air

Million Air Dallas is committed to excellence. With over twenty-three years of results-driven performance, their success speaks for itself. Performing at levels that have allowed them to receive countless industry awards, they are proud to admit that their “whatever it takes” attitude is what has allowed them to soar above all other companies in their industry. Million Airs global acclaim began almost immediately from its inception in 1984, as their pioneering Brass-and-Glass opulence made their moniker virtually synonymous with Luxury Flight Services.Million Air Dallas is rated platinum by ARG/US, is a member of the Wyvern Wingman program, and is a recipient of the Certificate of Excellence “Diamond Award,” by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Personal. Professional. Efficient. From a general service check to the heaviest of inspections, our certified technicians will take care of all your needs. Maintenance is paramount to ensuring your aircraft is available when and where you need it. Knowing when your aircraft will require maintenance performed is vital to your daily operation. Million Air Dallas is able to provide its managed clients aircraft with specialized trained mechanics on-site to certify their aircraft is in full compliance each time they depart. Million Air will schedule all maintenance inspections modifications and repairs while keeping you well informed with ample amount of time to coordinate your schedule.

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Air Slovakia

Air Slovakia is the oldest airline operating in Slovakia with an unbroken record of operations from 1993 till now.
The company operates a variety of Boeing and Airbus aircraft types ranging from 123 to 198 seats. The present fleet consists of Boeing 737-200/737-300/757-200. Air Slovakia operates on the highest standard of aviation requirements and conforms to all international standards. The headquarters is in Bratislava in Slovakia. Air Slovakia operates to a wide variety of destinations covering many points in Europe, Middle East and an expands operation to India and Bangladesh.

Air Slovakia takes pride in its customer service and constantly monitors its onboard service. All customers have allocated seats on board and meals are served at appropriate times. The carriage of a passenger, to which, taking into account his bodily, mental status or age, a danger of health injury or other damage could occur, is accomplished provided that the carrier shall not be liable for a possible injury, falling ill or other health injury including a death of the passenger and for a damage of things which the passenger has with him / her in the case of such harm or damage occurs in relation or due to the carriage.Baggage shall be carried as checked and unchecked baggage. A passenger shall be entitled to free-of-charge carriage of baggage according to following provision of these conditions.

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Inventory Locator Service

With over 5 billion parts listed, 60,000 customer accesses each day, and 20,000 subscribers, ILS is far and away the world’s largest, most active e-marketplace for the aviation, marine, and defense industries. Since its inception in 1979, ILS has been applying technology to bring buyers and sellers together faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

Today, ILS employs some of the most advanced technology available to ensure rapid information distribution along with maximum security and reliability. ILS subscribers have the ability to complete transactions, from purchase initiation to fulfillment. They have online negotiation capabilities as well as the ability to place orders, send and receive purchase orders and invoices, and track their negotiation history. provides a secure and private platform for quotation management and online buying and selling. ILS clients have access to more than 5 billion line items of inventory and 3.1 million overhaul services, listed by suppliers in 97 different countries.

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IndiGo is built for people with things to do, places to be, people to see – who don’t want to waste time, money or energy in the process. By minimizing the cost/time/tension of air travel, IndiGo opens up a country full of opportunities. With IndiGo, you’ve got a billion reasons to fly! IndiGo incorporates the best hardware, software, interface design & personnel from around the world.

The IndiGo team uses all of these resources to design processes and rules that are safe and simple, that make sense, and that cut waste and hassles, which in turn ensures a uniquely smooth, seamless, precise, gimmick-free customer experience at fares that are always affordable. IndiGo focuses on doing one thing, and doing it well.They believe that they can offer the lowest fares by staying focused, which keeps their costs down without cutting corners or compromising on things that matter.

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